Just a hello to all the old veterans out here in this FORUM. Message on this post to tell me h r u?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by auzzie_mikey, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Well-Known Member

    Hey all, just thought i'd post on this forum. I'm an OLD FOLK on this forum. Back in here since 2014. I still remember the GOOD OLD DAYS, im still suffering in this addiction. Currently on day 11. Only way out from this bullshit is to not release and ensure i keep my seed?

    How are old veterans here? Message on this post to tell me hows it going?
  2. kevin22

    kevin22 Member

    Pretty crappy as I'm still unable to overcome this addiction. I was able to stop for a year and six months from 2013 to 2014 but it's been hell since.

    I then started seeing escorts back in 2017 to lose my virginity and discovered that I have bad premature ejaculation. I'm not sure if my PMO addiction is the cause of it but I don't know how to get rid of it. I've tried nofap plenty of times sometimes going months without fapping but it makes my PE even worse.

    So I'm pretty stuck on what to do with my sex life as I don't think I'll ever be in a relationship with a girl or be able have to have enjoyable sex.
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  3. Tea-man

    Tea-man Member

    Aw man, don't need to be reminded that I signed up in 2014... It was pretty active back then. Ideally I wouldn't be logging in even to check up on things but sadly even though I have had times where I was winning I've had a lot of bad times over the years, and right now I have to say is a bit of a bad time, I find myself alone, mid 30s, and still wasting time with this, just because I feel out of control and I just want to feel better somehow... After my fiance left I fell into bad habits, and one of those is wasting my life behind a screen, not just PMO, probably social media is worse, but it's a part of it. I like to think I'm starting to dig out of the hole that I've been in, again, and getting out there, meeting people, and last few weeks I haven't been slipping so much... Just signed in here to spend a bit of time not with PMO... Good to hear from you
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  4. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    Hi OLD FOLK!
    I'been around for about 8 years, yikes. Is that long enough to be old folk?
    I have found that step programs, meetings and peer contact really helped me overcome some barriers...but these forums offer a different philosophy that works wonders, too.

    But man.. love and sex addiction can be a brutal pain in the ass. It's hard to notice how ill my head is sometimes.
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  5. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Well-Known Member

    Same as me man. Even I keep falling to pmo. I've relapsed 15 times in 2022. But you know what? I'm on day 4 now. And the only way out and thread in life is to ensure to not giving in and ensuring you keep the vital energy. It ain't easy. But we have to overcome this. And I'm fierce at it this time.
  6. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Well-Known Member

    Brother don't worry even I've relapsed and fell 15 times this year and I've realised and come to terms with how shit this pmo and porn is. We need to conquer this and cannot give in. We must conquer this and know that our only way out and survival is to ensure we don't fall to this bullshit. No other way out Boiz.

    Tbh, I know I've lived a perfect life if I don't release. But I've lived a shit life even if I release once more in life.
  7. Dakjev

    Dakjev New Member

    Good Ol’ Auzzie_Mikey! You dont know me, but ive been a veteran “lurker” since 2014/2015, cant remember exactly when, been such a long time. I just decided to make an account today because I saw you again haha. Ive been following ur posts for years bro, you’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions man haha. I remember back in the days with the moderator Underdog, I think that was his name…and this place was way more lively. Im stopped coming here because it started dying, and to see it now man… takes me back, its a shadow of the past now. But you are still here!

    Im 30 years old now. Managed to lose my virginity at age 27 to a 61 year old GILF. Yea, dont ask. Is it a coincidence that grannies were my primary porn preference? Yea porn fcks us up bro, we all know that. I havent had sex since, because its nearly impossible to remain hard with a condom. I have to visualize porn inside my head to remain hard. While at the same time sex is surprisingly exhausting, im not young anymore lol. Its a shame I lost a lot of my youth to porn, but I will never give up. Currently on day 2. Rip Gary Wilson. We will all never give up.
  8. ace1234

    ace1234 A woman simply is, but a man must become.

    I remember you mikey!!

    I'm still struggling too. I feel like things have gotten worse for me over the years. Can't believe it's been so long. Why does time have to fly so fast?
  9. John Smith

    John Smith New Member

    hey guys im an old timer here. i just made an account its been years since i posted on this site on my old acc but decided to check up on whats going on in this forum. sad to see a lot of the same people still struggling. this place also got very inactive compared to the early days.
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  10. cal8333

    cal8333 Member

    been at it since 2011 i think before this forum was around! things certainly got ramped up with high-speed internet and webcams since then, never give up and I find chatting on here helps remind us not to.
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  11. steve2006

    steve2006 No Ragrats

    Old folk checking in. Joined the forum in Summer 2012 after watching Gary speak (RIP) so this summer it will be 10 years fighting this. On day 72 at the moment
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  12. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    Been a while, decided to check in again. Turns out, I have been addicted to a lot more than just porn. Both processes and substances addictions. But I've learned some lessons from these forums that I didn't learn in rehab or meetings, and vice verse.
    So I am back to look into that. Feels a bit daunting and sobering, at the same time.

    Take good care y'all. G24.
  13. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Well-Known Member

    Hey brother. That's great to hear. It's awesome checking in with all yous good people
    This forum helped me a lot and I owe it to all of you. Peace
  14. ssllmmee

    ssllmmee Member

    I was here 10 years ago in a moment I did a 180+ days streak no PMO hard mode and I recovered enough to start a new relationship.

    Then I gained confidence and over the last decade I slipped badly once again.

    2 months ago I realised that I needed to stop, so here I am now on day 66, hard mode once again.
  15. XFinity

    XFinity Withdrawal is a bitch.

    Hey mikey and ace, its good to see you too again! I hope regardness of pmo that you two (and everyone really) live a long, healthy, and beautiful life.

    It really has been a long time since we all joined and the forum was more active. I havent posted in years, but @auzzie_mikey relapsing 15 times in a year isnt as bad as it may seem. It could be a lot worse. I did a few long streaks back in the day like 228 and 189 days, but eventually got back into old habits and doing it every day for a few years. Now, im doing another no pmo streak again and have learned to understand that its more mind over matter and you can still be successful with it, however no PMO certainly has its benefits as well.

    Now that im older and have done some research, i think there are greedy bastards running the adult industry and are subverting and exploiting countries and their cultures (whether they are aware of it or not) by aiding in the destruction of healthy sexuality by promoting promiscuity and exposing it to younger generations all for money and more. Its almost like an us vs them situation that we must look at. Unfortunately, western society is breaking down and people are killing themselves with their own gluttony.

    I genuinely hope that everyone can come together, but its hard when "diversity" (division from an uprising standpoint) is pushed down everyone's throats by corporations and banking cartels to minimize any form of grass-roots unification and social cohesion for a more directed approach. Only the corporate idologies are allowed to be promoted. Its purposely destroying personal responsibility and accountability and is very aligned with the school of frankfurt's social research ideas and Yuri Bezmenov's explanation of ideological subversion. I highly encourage you all to look into it, especially yuri bezmenov. A lot of this stuff being promoted these days is coming from elites such as out of the world economic forum, banking cartel (blackrock, statestreet, vanguard, etc), and other key players like bill gates. Meanwhile, many countries are discussing the possibilites of central banking digital currencies like china's, and this includes america (check out the fednow payment system and white house press release last september). They are public about it, and this part is not conspiracy theory. The global elites are destroying national sovereignty, family units, and masculinity on purpose. Therefore, we all have a common enemy for why porn, sexuality, and unhealthy foods/lifestyles are promoted as heavily as they have been. Now is the time for us to awaken and use this as a reason for self improvement, build connections, and spread the word with everyone. I urge you all to wake up and do some research. Tech giants and the media are working against us. Follow the money, educate yourselves, build relationships, and take very good care of yourselves, friends, and family. Big change is coming to this world in a purposely very slow manner.

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  16. MikeJohnson

    MikeJohnson New Member

    Im porn free brother. Feel free to talk to me whatever it is

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