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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by gardenman, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. gardenman

    gardenman New Member

    I deleted my old journal as I was getting into a nice routine of posting Day 1, and then PMOing hours later...

    My new goal is to get to the end of July without PMO. This is a very achievable goal, so that should make it easier to put into perspective. Its not like I plan on binging on August 1st. This is just a goal of the first big milestone in a life of no PMO.

    How I plan to achieve:
    Daily meditation
    Practice guitar every day
    Read math and programming type articles/books every day
    Exercise but no specific goal
    K-9 with home computer password at work and work computer password at home.

    Those 4 activities should give me something to do when the thought of PMO crosses my mind.

    Why it didn't work last time:
    K-9 was too strict. I had it setup to block suspicious and things like that. Which made it so I routinely had to enter the password for work related websites. (I do internet marketing and all the tracking url's were blocked.) To fix this issue I will have k-9 block less categories, but more keywords etc.
    Once I got off track it was hard to get back on track.
    Was a terrible month business wise and very frustrating. Every day results didn't correlate with effort. Usually on bad months/weeks, results correlate with effort and I was just slacking.. Frustration lead me to PMO a majority of the times.
    Deleting material brought back memories etc. This time all material is deleted from day 1.

    About me:
    26 years old, been PMOing since about 12. Definitely addicted by the time I was done with hs. I even spent a bit of my college time as a webmaster promoting various porn sites. So porn has been a very big part of my life.
  2. gardenman

    gardenman New Member

    Day 2.

    Woke up today feeling pretty meh and was like well at least its day something and then realized it was only day 2.

    Got filters setup at home, with the password no longer in the house. Gonna set up the one at work today.

    Working on setting up filters to block facebook images
  3. gardenman

    gardenman New Member

    Day 5.

    Havent done very well at avoiding the O this time. But have been avoiding the PM which I guess is a step forward. Just not the best way to reboot I suppose.

    Progress still feels pretty good. Definitely not thinking about relapsing all day or anything like that.

    So long as I don't relapse entirely I feel pretty good about things I suppose.
  4. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    I recommend this as a router-level filter:


    Set it up from your router config page then have the password changed.

    If you want more control you can choose the home version but the family version suits me.
  5. yos

    yos New Member

    Avoiding porn is the most important thing. This is an addiction to porn we're battling with after all. I've been rebooting whilst in a relationship, so not avoiding sex, although we only see each other once or twice a week. I have found the PMO cravings have been much higher after O with my gf however. The 'chaser effect'.

    Good luck! Avoid the O too if you can.
  6. tsmith1302

    tsmith1302 Active Member

    So just to clarify - you're sexually active at the moment?? Girlfriend, wife, significant other?

    I like your approach, it's very smart to evaluate what went wrong last time and take it from there. I too have found K9 filters need to be tweaked a bit, so they are not overstepping their bounds and blocking non-harmful websites (ie YBOP)

    One of the most valuable lessons I've learned is it's a marathon and not a sprint. I've cut down my porn consumption by about 50% since last year (not necessarily the masturbating though) and I've seen first hand that SOME progress is always better than none. If it takes a few months of tapering off before a full reboot, so be it. The finish line isn't going any where.
  7. gardenman

    gardenman New Member

    Correct, I have a wife.

    The chaser effect is definitely not to be desired. Also with the chaser effect you basically restart on your emotional path relating to energy etc.

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