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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Warrior_monk, May 18, 2023.

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    Hi Warrior_monk,

    There is an argument in the literature on alcoholism whether the person has to be totally sober or whether it is possible to just cut down.

    Whatever people say on this site, you can try what you are doing and see if you can gradually cut down with fewer relapses.

    You may find it possible, but be aware that it may not turn out to be so; and that you may have to reboot without relapses
    for at least 60 days with no PMO. The reason is that you need the dopamine receptors in your brain to recover (see my post The Truth about
    Dopamine). You can find this by putting those words into the search box.

    If you occasionally resort to MO (without fantasy or porn) what the hell. I have done so twice in my current streak and my
    recovery partner and I agreed that it counted as a lapse but not a relapse (as no PMO and no thinking about porn). And I
    currently have absolutely no temptation to watch porn.

    Have you put porn blockers on all your devices, and kept them on? It helps when you are tempted, and is essential for
    recovery. I don't intend to ever take them off. Of course I may relapse but that is my current intentionn

    All the best
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    Hi DBA!

    I really appreciate your guidance. I know the ultimate goal is to be free from this addiction and it will require me to go on hard mode.

    But i have so many important career opportunities lined up in next couple of months and i don't wanna screw them by over emphasizing on this addiction. It saps my self-confidence.

    I am focusing on cultivating good habits and changing my overall personality. It will take time and i can't make this addiction centre of my life.

    I have put blockers on my phone but somehow my mind think of them as riddles to solve and i figure out a way to break them. Do you know any good blocker for android?
    I have put cold-turkey on my laptop but i couldn't find anything as strong as that for my phone.

    Again, i am grateful for your support! It really helps :)
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    What you write sounds very seniible to me. Your career comes first. Also as you say cultivating good habits, new interests,
    sport, music whatever.

    When that is sorted try to reboot for 60 to 90 days.

    I use Blocksite for my Android phone, but I have to pay monthly (as I do for the ones on my MacBook and Ipad).
    Actually it helps me that I have to pay.

    But there is a bug which means that if you turn Android on Blocksite is sometimes off! And I then have to turn it on!
    So you can try to see if putting 'porn blocker for Android' into Google gives you something better.
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