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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Danric, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Danric

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    I'm on day 16 now, haven't fapped since 2019 and even though I've tried to quit pmo several times before, I really think this might be the last attempt. Let me explain why.

    The first 2 weeks were rough, really rough. On day 2 I started getting anxious and the withdrawal made me unable to think clearly. And the urge to seek out porn and fap was really strong for quite a long time after it had begun. I really struggled on day 10 and 11, and on those days even did look at explicit content without fapping. But I think it was on day 12 that something changed. The urge to look at porn was basically gone. I could think clearly again. I felt more confident, and felt more motivated to better myself.

    Two weeks feels like a short time, but I honestly don't feel compelled to seek out porn anymore. I expected it to be more difficult for a longer period of time. But I'm so happy to already feel better. I've never made it through the urge phase of the withdrawal before, and I don't feel like it'll be much trouble staying away from PMO.
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  2. Gil79

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    Hey Danric,

    promise me to stick to this board for a while and keep posting even if you would relapse. You're now in flatline and this is only the beginning. Flatline may take a week or it may take months, but the urges will come back and they will be stronger than ever. Please read the material provided by YBOP and this board. A really good starter is this:

    I hope I am wrong and that this was it for you, but I am afraid I am right.

    Good luck!
  3. Danric

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    I actually was planning not to come here too much, only because previously it has made me think of the porn part of quitting porn too much. But I'll check in from time to time to make updates.
    As the post you linked said, I need a goal with my life. And Since day 13 i've been very much focused on getting into game development and programming. So i do have something to focus my energy on.

    I'm not quite sure what this Flatline think you are talking about is, i haven't encountered it before. I tried to find information on it, but didn't find a lot. From what I can tell, I am indeed in a flatline. I do have quite low libido, and pretty low interest in women atm. But I don't feel bad in any way, the last few days i've actually felt better than i've felt in quite a long time.
    Not looking forward to urges coming back.
  4. Gil79

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    I understand your reasons for not checking in too frequent. The reason I was saying this is that most guys start very enthusiastic, but then relapse and never come back. And that is too bad because this a great community and the interaction with others on this board is really useful, if not essential.

    I guess that flatline is such a subjective term that is different to everybody. But in general it is indeed a period of reduced libido. Some guys hate it and get depressed. I also enjoy these islands of peace. It can stop by itself or often by having a wet dream or sex. In the end clearly it is not the goal to stay in flatline the rest of our lives and beating this addiction also involves a transition towards a healthy sex life in which we decided for ourselves what is healthy.

    Well, anyway, I wish you good luck with this. Oh yeah, and welcome to the board :)

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