Journal to the Centre of the Self

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by TheScriabin, Jan 4, 2014.

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    ah.... sounds like Valhalla :)
  2. dark red drifter vessel

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    Hah. The vocable that caught my attention is 'allowed'.

    Ponder this: we have this idea about how sex should be. Society, media, porn, bla.

    And then we go and do it with someone and compare that idea to the actuality of our fucking and go like: Is this allowed? Shouldn't I behave? Am I being bad?

    Which would be the thoughts of a child chastised for going for the cookie glass. You no child tho. She no child either.

    The time were people could allow or forbid, my dude, is long over. You need no ones permission, not even ours xD

    And that is one of the most child unlike things to be.

    Also, kindly considering obliterating the idea that sex could be porn sex. Ya, it can be pornlike, when you're trying to look hot for theoretically, non present others.

    But the truth is, porn and sex are like a video of you skiing and you actually goddamn skiing down that mountain, snow in yer face, the speed, the fluidity.

    Don't worry man. Do as you please with the people you're with, check your and their needs, no one else gets a fucking say in this, there are no rules, and if there were, we should hurry up and burn them to the ground.
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  3. Living

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    Honestly, I believe that thoughts like these are a lot worse when it comes to getting your act together than the sex your describing is. Enjoy it, don't worry about it:) If you want to live in a zen way, by all means do so, but if this is what you want and it's not hurting you, then why not do it.
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  4. TheScriabin

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    ^Thanks guys, great responses. Just to clarify, I’m not judging these feelings or casting a negative light on them, my question was merely concerning does it keep the p addiction circuits active by indulging in the same thoughts during a reboot, despite the sex being real.

    I have had some revealing feelings recently, the route of my issues is exactly what I was told when I did that therapy thing in Italy, they told me I had a shit load of anger in me and it needed to come out.

    Without p this anger becomes tangible, and I feel scared and unhinged.

    Possibly it’s time to explore more in therapy again.

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