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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Giuseppe Garibaldi, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi [url=

    Just relapsed.A big relapse,not binged.
  2. Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi [url=

    Two relapses yesterday.
  3. Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi [url=

    I relapsed again,I have a problem.

    What is the situation?
    I spent holydays with my gf,with sexual things everyday,for the most twice a day.I looked with her many prostitutes (in a city where prostitution is legal),so I had a huge chaser effect.
    And today I didn't nothing and instead of doing things I rested,felt like crap and relapsed again.

    My improvements made me too self confident about this problem,and rationalization lead me to not see the connection between anxiety,tiredness and other problems and P.

    I have to rethink a whole strategy and tactic to defeat this problem.

    I don't hate myself or else,but I need to review a lot of my thinking because I'm not doing it well.
  4. Miclaud

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    Hi Giuseppe, you know, it's the exact same thing I noticed in my last relapse, after months of no-pmo. I think is very good, probably you are more sensitive to PMO because not desensitized as during the full PMO past. Maybe our relapses were caused by this increased sensitivity.

    Don't worry about the relapse. You have made more than one year of no-PMO, it's a HUGE score and a couple of mistakes cannot undo all this great work. Now catch the opportunity to examinate yourself and jump back to the horse with more energy. Maybe staying away from PC for a while could be a good idea now ;)
  5. Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi [url=

    Thank you Miclaud,I think you are right.I feel pleausure again,so the temptations are stronger.

    I have to think about a lot of stuff.

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