Job hunting is killing/stressing me/getting me very depressed!!!

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by Brit_91_kd, May 20, 2014.

  1. GOC88

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    HI Brit_91_kid

    Hang in there mate. where you mention all your time being spent on Job hunting, I would advise you to keep life in balance stil rather than dedicating all the time to job hunting which I used to do as well. This will burn you out. I would advise treating job hunting like a job in itself. have a set amount of jobs you want to apply for within a day and only spend a certain amount of time applying i.e 4-5 hours, whatever is best for you. I would also monitor all the places you are applying to on a spreadsheet for your own reference and to insure your not applying for the same jobs twice.

    The rest of the time should be your free time. Have some variation throughout the day will help you feel grounded as job hunting can be fustrating. Work on new or developing hobbies, or doing stuff that will develop yourself as a person or even better work on developing transferable skills that can be applied to your career.


  2. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    Hi dude, yes i do these stuff, i use excel and record all the jobs that i have applied for. I do volunteer work so i can always learning new skills too.
  3. Psalm Reborn

    Psalm Reborn New Member

    Hi man. Last year I applied to 150+ jobs and got no response or got turned down. It's tough but somebody finally gave me a chance and realized I was more than worth it.
  4. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    Congrats on that man! And yer it tough.. I don't know i have coped up to know. By the way how long did it take you until you finally found a job??
  5. Psalm Reborn

    Psalm Reborn New Member

    Like, 8 or 9 months. Luckily I was still in college. I'm back at stage 1 now, though, because I used to work abroad and those government fucks didn't renew my visa so I lost my job.
  6. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    Sorry to hear about that. Good luck!
  7. WaveRace

    WaveRace New Member

    Stumbled upon a book that appeared at just the right time. By Jay Block - 5 Steps to Rapid Employment: The Job You Want at the Pay You Deserve.

    My first thought was, oh no, not another one of these fix-all job books. So I look through it and thought, actually his layout and plan is really practical. Crystal clear and goes from the emotion and mental aspects and all the way to systematically campaigning yourself.

    His approach and why it hooked me is that he focuses on campaigning, like you literally must market yourself effectively and is not that much different than campaigning for political office.

    Anyway. I am still working on the action plan. Will see how it looks when day 1 starts.
  8. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    I have been marketing my self!
  9. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    So how's the stress/deppression? Are you able to cope right now?
    I've done some mindfulness as I am very very anxious and easily distracted. You might give it a try.

    Good luck.

  10. wojtekoxx

    wojtekoxx One-armed bandit

    Have you considered taking a job "nobody" wants? Anybody these days wants to work in an office or with customers. Employers often struggle to find someone for a real job. Like on construction, woodwork etc
  11. Beowulf

    Beowulf Member

    I find linkedin really good for job seeking - it would not hurt for you to map out all your contacts and who they know.... I do think the hidden job market is much bigger than the visible job market, like the iceberg cliche.
    I think also you need to get a foot in the door, so maybe don't try to get a marketing job, but a office junior job, or anything, and people will see you are bright... too many grads spend their time waiting for their "graduate" job which never comes. I think we actually can learn a lot of people from eastern europe who have come to our country taken jobs initially as juniors, waiters, working in shops and worked their way up.... so networking, and get a foot in the door. good luck.
  12. wojtekoxx

    wojtekoxx One-armed bandit

    One teacher from my uncle school got job because she was hired as a cleaner, then some teacher got sick and voila
  13. detoxfox

    detoxfox New Member

    This might not be helpful for you, but it's something I've done and it's very helpful:

    I learned magic and can go out on the street at any time in almost any weather (except winter) and make enough to feed myself.

    Nothing outrageously complex, mind you. Just simple stuff that entertains people. I have my magic case ready to go at any time. I call it my "emergency paycheck." It's cool because if I ever have a job again (I'm now self-employed online), I do it with the freedom of knowing that I can walk away and still take care of myself.

    I believe this is a position everyone should strive to place themselves in, with or without magic as the source.

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