Job hunting is killing/stressing me/getting me very depressed!!!

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by Brit_91_kd, May 20, 2014.

  1. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    This job hunting is stressing the fuck out of me

    Ok so i graduated from university last june.. I was working but in like a voluntary position (Expenses paid for) and went on holiday towards the end of the year.

    Since the holiday

    So since the holidays, i have been finding it so hard to secure a monday - friday job. I have been applying for so many jobs .. (must be around 40-50) and i only gained 3 Interviews (third one being today) .

    It starting to bloody stress the hell outta me.. I want to earn my own money and live my life... Not spending days upon weeks applying and applying for jobs. :-[

    P.S i do get my CV checked up regularly by university

    Anyone in a/or been through this positon??
  2. tk8888

    tk8888 New Member

    I haven't particularly had this issue, but one thing you'll quickly learn is how well connected you are plays a GIANT role in the process. Do you have any alumni that can help you out?

    If not, you need to try your best to find a nice job on your own. What line of work would you ideally want to be in?
  3. ls558

    ls558 Member

    What field are you looking to work in? What degree do you have? Please don't say English Literature.
  4. wojtekoxx

    wojtekoxx One-armed bandit

    in britain its still much easier than in eastern europe
  5. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    Like a Marketing/Sports role.
  6. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    Like Marketing/Sports - and i have a BA (HONS) Marketing Degree
  7. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    Depends on what field you looking to get into......
  8. kopp

    kopp Member

    pretty normal imho.

    Don't just send CV, take your balls in your hand and go to see people for real, try to be the guy they need, be active. Sending CVs is passive shit

    Go to meetups and make contacts.

    Marketing is a cool thing but it requires balls (you have a degree in a useful field so don't worry). Imo you're lacking confidence, not degree/skills/... whatever. And it takes less time to build confidence and love yourself than getting a degree, hopefuly :D
  9. kopp

    kopp Member

    Oh by the way, this could help some of you :

    MOOC called "Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills"

    have fun
  10. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    Step 1. Make a list of questions about the job/company.
    Step 2. Simulate the phone call with a friend/relative to get relaxed.
    Step 3. Call.
    Step 4. Ask politely whether the person has some time for the questions, or whether (s) he is able to call you back.
    Step 5. Fire away. Mention you are taking notes
    Step 6. Make sure they'll remember you.. a joke, or something interesting on your CV you told about.
    Step 7 . Send your cv after the phone call. They will be expecting ir.
    Congratulations! You are on the 'potentials' pile, instead of the trash pile.

    This is something I always do for a job. calling. calling. calling. so many people underestimate the power of a quick phone call.
  11. WaveRace

    WaveRace New Member

    Job hunting / obtaining good consistent work is a process that very few people enjoy. Obviously there are countless books and strategies from far too many people = overwhelming choice fatigue.

    There really is no set way to do it anymore. When I had my first job in 2002, I could confidently go around to many places and do the walk in and apply.

    I have to begrudgingly remind myself that it is 2014 and employers don't care whether or not I dislike their processes. There needs to be some consistency going forward though.
  12. Silverfish

    Silverfish New Member

    The ideal job does not exist.
    Please consider as well setting up some kind of business for yourself.
    Why should you for ever work slavishly for other people to make them rich?
    Be prepared to work night and day for a considerable time. You will be rewarded.
    Forget about becoming super rich, but a comfortable lifestyle shoud be possible. And you can having other people working for you.
  13. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    I never said anything about becoming rich lol
  14. GOC88

    GOC88 Member

    Keep at it mate. Persistance pays off. I am 26 from the UK and graduated a couple years back and have been in a similar position before. You gotta stay positive with these things. I have been through 5 redundancies within the past two years alone and I have had my fair share of time having to job hunt. Keep track of who you are contacting and try and follow up where possible. Try phoning potential employers that you are interested to work with and discuss with thier HR that could show initiative. Keep working and tailoring CV's and cover letters. Be flexible in your approach as well and open minded to other careers/jobs out there even if they are just temporarily.

    Theres not much too it just keep adapting your approach and keep at it and you will get that job at somepoint, everyone does. Good Luck.
  15. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

  16. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    It is extremely depressing this..

    I don't think a lot of people actually realise what this is doing to me.
    The fact i have been applying for jobs since february. I must of applied for over 200 by now. I only had 3 Interviews. One employer treated me like complete shit, other It was my mistake as i wasn't fully prepared as they asked a range of competency based questions and the third, they found a person with more experience.

    I don't know how some people can just be calm. It so easy for people to say to be confidant and positive when most have not gone through this, or haven't seen there parents struggled in their life time.

    I just want a career and a bloody life to enjoy!!!!!!
  17. Fappers_united

    Fappers_united Not today.

    Was unemployed for a year after graduating (engineering).

    Finally found a job by sending a presentation directly to the CEO of a smaller company, that wasn't announcing any jobs. Have you tried that?

    Aged so badly during that year, an developed an alchohol addiciton.
  18. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    Sorry to hear about the alcohol addiction. And i guess it an option. I am also going to be doing speculative applications too. But yes it fucking sucks!! I have no life .. In all the time, most of my time is spent on looking for jobs.. My anxiety is through the roof, i look like a wreck too!
  19. Fapper3

    Fapper3 Guest

    the jobcenter refereed me to CV advice. I met with someone and they checked my CV and helped me CV was awful.
  20. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    I had my CV checked out from my university, they said it was fine. Had it checked out again but a recruitment consultant who deals with my field of study ( Marketing ) he said it is fine. For some reason when i went Job centre, they stated that it needs to be more "Marketable" and that my work experience should be first on my Cv before my education :S

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