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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by joao pedro, Feb 15, 2023.

  1. joao pedro

    joao pedro New Member

    Hi, my name is João Pedro, i have 16 years, i'm from Brazil (sorry for my bad english) and i knew this forum today when i asked Chat Gpt about groups that would help me in my pornography addiction. I relapsed earlier when i interrupt my math study, since that moment i've felting stress and a decrease in my cognition. Dude, I've to quit this. I will track my recuperation and write a few of personal thoughts in this thread.
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  2. AGuyWhoWantstoHelp

    AGuyWhoWantstoHelp New Member

    Hello, João. I understand how hard recovering from pornography can be, I felt the same thing once. To be fair, I am still in the recovery process, but porn is out of the picture for me now. The website I used was very beneficial to me, and I think you would benefit from it as well. is the site I used (and still come back to) to “break free” from porn addiction. This website will break down porn into much simpler chunks, and give you a better idea of the “subtle trap” which is porn. I hope this website serves you well, and best of luck to your porn recovery journey.
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  3. joao pedro

    joao pedro New Member

    Thanks, man, i saw the site that you recommended and it's very useful
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  4. Rudolf Geyse

    Rudolf Geyse Well-Known Member

    Hi Joao and may I wish you all the best. I would love to go back and be your age again and ditch P, my life would have been vastly improved. I can also recommend Mark Queppet in addition to the site above. Look for him on YouTube, and Google his Metascript Method for journalling.
  5. Vampire Hunter D

    Vampire Hunter D New Member

    Im in the same position as you I hope you overcome this. Porn has ruined many people's lives it's good you see the problem now.

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