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    I took over a year off of posting on this website but I did come by every once in a while to see how my peers are doing. Unfortunately, I see the same people have no real progress at all. I too relapsed many times over the past year, and I disappointed in myself as well. However, good things also came to be. I got a girlfriend, lost my virginity, I am having successful sex without any erection problems and can go for quite a bit of time. We are also having sex multiple times a week and sometimes even multiple times a day. I am not sure if I did have any erection problems due to pmo. I can get erections very easily with my girlfriend and am able to sustain them. Perhaps I never had any of the symptoms associated with pmo but I did try to remove pmo from my life for over a year so I might have seen progress. As of right now, I dont see any need to pmo because I can get orgasms from my girlfriend so I know I am moving into the right direction.
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    Im currently on day 11 of no pmo. I had a wet dream after 7 days of no pmo a few days ago. Im also considering using tindr but not sure yet. If anyone uses it any info about how good it works would be great.

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