It's not just about being supportive... it's about healing your own wounds as well!

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    Hi, ladies

    I know a chunk of you are here mainly because of a boyfriend or husband so I wanted to recommend this great book in helping you.

    I don't mean in helping them. I mean helping YOU.

    Codependency is a common phenomenom amongst anyone affected by addicts who place their loved ones in "caretaker" roles and as such, deserves it's own space in order to heal the wounds.

    It's a confusing definition, but it essentially means a person who has let another person's behahvior affect him or her, and who is almost obsessed with controlling that person's behavior.

    You know what that might look: spending afternoon after afternoon skimming and blocking sites, not sleeping at night until you get that good night text confirming you "did" your job, being turned into a passive aggressive "bad guy", and so on...

    So, I'm recommending this book who was written NOT by a psychologist or a scientist, but a person like you and I who's gone through this as well.

    This book is cathartic for me as I'm currently reading this to help heal the wounds from my mother's alcaholism... now I recommend this book to you all.

    It's called Codepndent No More by Melody Beattie. It's loving and nonjudgmental.

    Remember, taking care of yourself is just as crucial as helping your loved one.

    I'm JUST learning this and I'm hoping someone can benefit from this.

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