is this normal? am I finally rewiring?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by onix, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. onix

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    I went 2 days without pmo when all of a sudden I had a massive urge. I was trying to fight but I sort of lost. The urge was strong that I ended up watching a video of ladies making out but I didn't touch myself. But I had a dry orgasm.

    A similar thing happened before that when I was with a woman who was giving me a a HJ. I had another dry orgasm.

    Before I couldn't keep my erection let alone 'go all the way'.
  2. What do you mean by dry orgasm? You have the sensations of ejaculation, but nothing comes out?
  3. Borges08

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    2 days? rewiring what?
  4. FrayedKnot1961

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    If you read the "rebooting" section ( of, it mentions what you are experiencing (spontaneous emissions).

    My understanding is that spontaneous intermissions are normally "wet," however, so it's not exactly the same. Dry orgasms do happen though, so I'm not sure there is cause for concern. If it continues for an extended period of time or causes you any pain you may want to talk to your doctor about it.

  5. Wabi-sabi

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    By dry orgasm do you mean climax without ejaculation?

    If so, that's not unusual. We normally ejaculate when we climax, but the two don't really need each other. Ideally, during sex, you would enjoy the climax, hold in the orgasm, and then keep on going. . .

    It's nothing to do with rewiring or rebooting, because it happened when you were watching porn.
  6. Rewiring typically entails actions involving a girl.. Like rewiring to real touch, real sexual stimulation in REAL LIFE.. Anything involving a screen is FAR from rewiring.

    Maybe what you described is becoming more sensitive to stimuli. I mean I've screwed up before and viewed P after like 3 months without... and even the slightest images cause me to start shaking and feeling jittery.. My face gets flushed and I start feeling a very strong rush. Maybe your just sensitizing to P?
  7. i don't think so..the first 2-4 days are pretty bad with urges from my experience and from what i've read around here and other boards

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