Is pmo healthy?

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  1. I'm confused. There is too much conflicting information online about porn and masturbation. Is it healthy or not?
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    Hey there,

    The problem is that pornography has become something extremely addictive in recent history (some time after 2006) thanks to the invention of video streaming, so now plenty of men, even young men, are suffering from porn induced erectile dysfunction thanks to the overstimulation from the endless supply of pornography that's easily available all over the web. The reason is that pornography tricks your brain into thinking that you're having sex with a new mate every time you watch a new video, so you don't give your brain a break. If you're addicted to porn it's best to cut out porn and masturbation altogether so you can give your brain time to heal. It's also a good idea to cut out pornography completely from your life because once you've developed this addiction you're addicted for life since your brain develops pathways related to this addiction, so it'll be really easy to get addicted to it again the second time.

    Masturbation on its own (without pornography) is technically healthy and even has some benefits to your health. Men masturbated throughout history without a problem, but didn't develop this problem we have now since there was no endless abundance of porn like now. Plus, if they masturbated to fantasies, the fantasies were based on real life rather than the images you see on a screen. When you're addicted to porn you'll have no problem getting turned on by images on a screen (since your brain got used to that), but you'll have a hard time with a real partner. If you have PIED it's a good idea to quit masturbation also (even if it's without porn).

    Those are pretty much the basics you need to know.
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    The late Gary Wilson did a lot of "debunking" of articles saying porn was healthy, and very often the money trail led back to the porn industry. They have a handful of "experts" they refer to frequently. David Ley was a big one. One of their "experts" even tried accusing Gary of stalking her and took him to court, and it was ultimately thrown out.

    Much of the world is still making a false equivocation where saying no to porn and masturbation means living some ultra puritan lifestyle. It maintains a certain amount of support that way, especially in that many publications just don't want to talk about the anti-porn movement as anything except a curiosity.

    All that said, often the health benefits of quitting are exaggerated, like how it'll boost your testosterone.
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  4. What if do it in moderation?
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    If you're at a point of addiction or the effects of addiction, that ship has sailed. Think of it like a hardcore alcoholic. Can they go back to a glass of wine with dinner? An incredibly low number can do this. It remains an open question whether those who never hit a point of dysfunction and partake in moderation or not. I don't know, but I think it is a safe bet the number who can is way smaller than any of us would want to think it is.
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