Is it true that nofap causes prostate proplems?!!

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Is masturbation healthy for prostate?

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  1. Hey. I'm on day 50 nofap hard mode . In the past few days I've experienced sever pain in my prostate (not sure but I guess the source of the pain ) and Im having frequent wet dreams .is it true that not ejaculating for so long can cause accumlitation of toxic fluids in the prostate which might result in prostate inflammation or prostate cancer?!
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    Absolutely not. No connection between no fap and your prostrate. That is a lie the addiction wants you to believe.
  3. Well..a quick Google search can tell you that most doctors believe this. Frequent ejaculation lowers the risk of prostate cancer .it has nothing to do with addiction. If it's true then it's true.
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    First off, most participants in the NoFap program return to masturbation after 30-90 days. So maybe you are referring to semen retention for long periods of time? Anyway, we're primarily a porn addiction recovery forum and separate from NoFap, so please keep NoFap stuff over at NoFap's website, thanks.
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