Is it possible going cold turkey can kill you?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Borges08, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Borges08

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    I was so addicted to shit that I still haven't recovered in years. I'm not even talking sexual functions I'm just talking about regular addiction that it caused. I still have these black circles under my eyes and get these random dizzy spells like I'm free falling or going to pass out or just die.
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  2. Deleted User

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    If going cold turkey could kill you, you'd already be dead now.

    Get your shit together.
  3. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    So what if you relapsed 20 times in a row during remission? If I relapse once the physical and mental effects are pretty devastating..granted this wasn't the case when I was already addicted only after I quit and let my body go into withdrawal.
  4. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    So what if you start off watching porn and masturbating, then become addicted to alcohol too? Is that technically going cold turkey on two separate addictions at once? I have a hard time believing all my symptoms are directly from porn and masturbation cause I'm really screwed up here.
  5. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    I'm talking physically also though. Like some days I can barely open my eyes and there's burning where the dark circles are. Also downstairs is a different color like purplish/blueish still. I wonder if something else could've happened when I went cold turkey cause like I really feel damaged.
  6. TheUnderdog

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    Physiologically speaking, there is no evidence that abstaining from orgasm will do you any harm.

    On a psychological level, however, it could cause plenty of distress, frustration, and tension, that in turn can be manifested in your body in many different ways (pain, anxiety, etc).

    That is why people who believe that quitting is easy and that they're not missing anything do not feel symptoms, while those who "suffer" from going cold turkey will experience all sort of withdrawals.
  7. DemBrainsTho

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    Borges you are already dead. You need to be institutionalized so that you cannot even gain access to porn. Willpower isn't doing it for you. Do you live in Europe or Canada where you can go to a mental institution for a year or so? Would not be a bad option. Nice facilities in the US as well but you have to pay. But seriously.. you need to be physically isolated from porn.
  8. Webdeveloper

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    No it won't kill you but it certainly can distress you and make you unable to focus properly for a few weeks.
    You must anticipate the withdrawal symptoms in order to manage them smartly.
  9. Freedom from Servitude

    Freedom from Servitude Active Member

    I'm not going to give you derision. It is a powerful foe we face, and it is perfectly normal to have doubts as we confront our addiction.

    Quitting porn will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Quitting cold turkey is the only way to conquer the addiction, for recovery is an all or nothing process. You cannot compromise. You will fold at the slightest concession and even a small amount of porn use will make you sink into the abyss. But be prepared, becoming sober means facing a lot of pain in the short-term. If you have been involved in the Nofap community online and have read the motivational stories, you already know the answer to your question. There are countless stories of how porn addiction has been a destructive force in people's lives and how these individuals have regained vitality, and obtained a new appreciation of life as a result of kicking the habit. The evidence is virtually irrefutable. The question is are you willing to do what is necessary in order to succeed?

    My advice to get you started is write out a strategy for coping with withdrawals and various triggers. I am happy to PM you my one for inspiration, if you would like me to. The various posts on this forum and motivational stories across the Nofap movement are excellent source material for ideas. That's how I started. I got into the habit of reading a motivational story a day on the Yourbrainonporn website. Gary Wilson constantly posts new ones on the home page. Within a short space of time, I developed a working repertoire to tackle this addiction. Some ideas will work for you, some will not, you have be willing to test them out through trial and error. Be willing to learn from others and you will go far.

    My second point of advice is to get involved in a 12 step group. I don't see this being recommended by many people in the Nofap community online. Contrary to popular misconception, you don't have to be religious or accept the existence of a god in order to work the steps. Sexaholics Anonymous has been a vital aspect of my journey since I became involved with them last Summer. Without their support, I do not think that I would have got as far as I am now. Seriously, this is a huge pillar of success. A few high profile therapists in the field of porn and sex addiction, like Dr.Patrick Carnes, strongly recommend 12 step programmes. What's more is that these groups have a great track record of getting people sober. The statistics are very impressive.
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  10. RebornAgain

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    Borges go get your cortisol levels tested. I guarantee you your cortisol levels are in the tank
  11. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    I know the feeling, I have the same racoon crack eyes and messed up sleeping. The fact there are changes after (suddenly) quiting does not mean these can be defined as withdrawals. The right term would be endocrin normalisation; your hormonal system is able to get into a natural balance and that might take a long time (between 5 to 10 months?). Honestly, I haven't gone past 5 months. I haven't been off pills for longer than a month or 2. Withdrawals, or normalisation, have been keeping my bed-ridden for a long time.

    As Freedom from Servitude mentions you have to write a strategy and put those thoughts into action. Focus on what kind of positives acts you could with your time(reboot) and how to tackle side effects(cravings). Put in goals, tasks, people who can help you and everything that contributes to becoming a better person.

    Have this written down, copied and shared and updated every week.
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  12. Freedom from Servitude

    Freedom from Servitude Active Member

    I can relate to these symptoms also. Because they have gone on for so long, I have suspected that they are a symptom of other issues . Can you recommend any reading material on the imbalance of the endocrine system you mention?
  13. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    Lol, shut the hell up dude. If anything I need to be institutionalized from not O'ing in so long.

    I did everything is normal.
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  14. alp3000

    alp3000 New Member

    in some way I feel just like you, its terrible
  15. Mik2

    Mik2 Aka NwaltRed

    Had a friend who ate cold turkey once. We still gather every year to commemorate his brave sacrifice...

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