Is it okay to read things on your computer ?

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    I want to give up the internet and tv but I'm very worried about how bored I would be. I don't have any friends to socialize with. Is it okay to save a bunch of articles and read them offline ? Or is that just as bad as surfing the net ?
  2. Zane

    Zane Member

    Surfing net without any purpose is useless....
    But Using net to learn new stuff is good and beneficial.

    Internet is the Main reason for Relapse related to porn or masturbation...

    So giving up internet for some period of time will really help you alot...

    BTW if you want some Subliminal Mp3 for Porn Addiction then PM ..It helps alot
  3. bluebullet

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    can you send me the subliminal mp3s? might work for me,

    i am a computer geek, so i spent lots of time in the internet learning stuff, the dreadful hours are at midnight when i'm alone,
    the urge is unbelievably strong that i go like, "what the heck am i studying, i should go watch P right now"
    then i lose all interest and focus on what i'm studying (which is supposed to be my passion) and i surrendered most of the time
  4. Zane

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    Here is Your Subliminal

    Here The Product Description of The Subliminal and Reviews of it:

    These are the People who used the Subliminal:

    Listen all four track on replay mode every night while you are sleeping and after 10 days you will notice that your cravings for porn has decrease...Keep listening to it even if you relapse...PM me if you have more question
  5. r1111

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    If you want to save things and just turn off the router use this tool in Chrome to save things for offlien reading/viewing:
  6. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    thanks for the mp3s, i never tried any subliminal stuff but if these decrease cravings, this is definitely worth listening

    try a web filter like K9 dude, everyone's been using them, just add exception to the stuff you use for study and other good things, this article also includes some basic setup for K9
  7. Zane

    Zane Member

    No Problem man. Just Listen to all 4 Tracks every night on replay mode while you are sleeping. Do this for 10-14 days and you will notice that You can control ur urges to watch porn easily. I am not saying that you wont relapse. But as you craving for porn decreases your frequency of relapses will also decrease because Porn and Masturbation go hand in had.

    The First time you listen to subliminal you might think that this nothing But BS. But Believe me u are gonna be surprised just after 10 days. The is so much stuff in this world,we human dont know.

    Btw you can listen to them anytime of the days while you are doing other stuff. But it is must to listen to it at night because brain is most receptive when sleeping...

    The More you listen to them the faster you are gonna see results..

    If You have any other question then just PM me..

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