Is gaming a bad idea?

Discussion in 'Gaming Addiction' started by jamesg29, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. What if you become addicted to not being addicted? Addiction inception!! :p
    What i mean by that is that you may stop doing things that are perceived as being potentially addictive, because you don't want addiction in your life and want to do activities that are considered worthwhile, or you may even be fearful of succumbing and being overwhelmed by those activities. Also, you might get a rush from avoiding those activities. I think almost everyone here can relate to this: they feel good when they are able to resist an urge. It's a good feeling and it's important, but in actuality you're just not doing something, instead of actually doing something.

    Gaming can be addictive and a HUGE time waster (especially MMOG's and the like, because you can get so involved in them and the community), but they can also represent a nice way to spend some of the free time that we have. They can be stimulating, funny and exciting (and yes, infuriating lol nothing wrong with that if you like a challenge) instead of just getting you numb and with tunnel-vision like PMO does.
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    if gaming is consumed in small amounts, it can be ok (even so there is better stuff to do with your time). For me, I had to eliminate it from my activities (at least solo gaming) as everytime I get into gaming, I act addictively and I neglect everything a bit which leads to relapse.

    Just keep it limited and it should be ok.
  3. onix

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    this might be a problem for me because video games is one of the things to keep me distracted and i play alot of video games does this mean i have to give up gaming because i personally think it help me avoid going on 'certain sites'.
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    A few good questions here would be: Do you use it to escape from problems in your life? Are you more focused on the fantasy world of video games instead of real life? Does real life pale in comparison to video games?
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    Do I use it to escape reality? not sure maybe. I have been playing video games since I was like 4 I just grew up with them.

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