is 5.5 inch penis long enough?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by determinedperson, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. NickRiviera

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    What you are describing is not someone with a small penis, but someone who is boring and selfish in both bed and romance. Instead of looking for ways to make you taller (...), you could increase your "sexual intelligence" and communication skills. Every women is different, just like every man is. One of the "secrets for great sex" for example is good communication from both partners, so the other one actually gets to know what is 'meh', 'good', 'great' and "omigod don't stop" on an individual basis. Too many people don't have that skill.
  2. Nick Riviera> True, True. Iam guilty of that. Every girl has a different body and nerve wiring down there and different fantasies and what makes one girl moan makes another one sleep (exagerating). If you ask you'd be suprised where is your partners sweat spot or what turns her on. There is no single 1, 2, 3 step guide or an area map that works on every girl. Working hard that particular spot or fantasy that worked like magic bullet for your ex may do nothing to another girl, it may even feel uncomfortable if you work it too hard...

    This was truth for me particulary in oral sex and g-spot fingering where there is so many things you can do and so many things that dont work or even break the orgasm buildup... it took a lot of talking before i nailed it to my current girl's complete satisfaction :)

    Funniest thing is that most girls dont know themself what sets them off during oral or fingering... you must try everything you know and they will tell you "THIS !!! THIS IS GOOD !!! WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING DOWN THERE THATS IT !!! DONT CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING !!!"

    "Whatever you are doing down there..." is typical because many girls dont feel exactly what your are doing down there with your finger or tongue (i guess their pussy is super sensitive but they cannot exactly pinpoint every move or milimeter of flesh and tell what you are doing there with your tongue and fingers - it just all blends into one feeling) they just know if it feels 'meh', 'good', 'great' or "omigod don't stop"... so its a bit of a mystery for you AND HER ALSO and you must work together (you are sailing the boat, she is a navigator) until you find the perfect route to her orgasm...

    you should focus with every girl to discover her particular "omigod don't stop" spots and techniques... they suprisingly change with every girl so never cease discovering...

    the reason many girls dont orgasm may be just that they never had a boy who would be willing to explore her and discover what works for her... most man just come, do whatever feels right for them, make themself cum and than they are suprised that the girl didnt cum... well you didnt take your time to do the job and she doesnt know herself what YOU WERE SUPOSED TO DO DOWN THERE to make her spark up... she may only know her ex knew exactly what works on her, but she cannot explain it to you because she doesnt have such a pin point sense what he was doing down there... if she met only guys who never discovered her sweat spots (or didnt bother to try at all)... she may be the statistical non-orgasming women - could be one of the reasons, not the only possible one...

    btw. i think i read somewhere that girls orgasm in average in 4 minutes when they mastrubate, even those who dont orgasm during intercourse or take 15+ minutes to come... i guess this means the girls are totaly fine, we just dont know how to fuck them...
  3. coolmusti

    coolmusti Go hard or go home

    I have 7.1 inch penis. 8)
  4. Striveforpurity

    Striveforpurity All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Why do you worry about penis size? If you get married I very much doubt a wife would want to divorce you over that and she doesn't need to see it before your honey moon.

    Are you a homo?
  5. Ukdamon

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    I have the opposite problem, my penis is over 10 inches hard and I wish it was smaller, I was bullied at school because of it and I am worried about hurting people when having sex.
  6. LOL being bullied about big dick can probably happen only at primary school (i mean up to some 12 years of age) :) In high-school and beyond i bet nobody said a word :) Just an envious silence in the shower room... :eek:

    But hurting girls with big dick (above 9 inch) is very real problem... GIRTH IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN LENGTH... As it says in kamasutra, some girls have naturally smaller vaginas than others or their vaginas are much less elastic... trying to insert big dick in her, can be very painfull and might need a lot of time for her vagina to stretch gradually to accomodate it... IF its beyond her ability to stretch or you go too fast, she will be in pain, discomfort and she will never orgasm in such conditions...

    Hitting woman's cervix is known to be one of the most painfull experiences for her (its like stabbing her with knife deep inside her belly) - if you are too long and you dont take considerations and try to go all the way in...

    I had a girl once that i could hit her cervix if i wanted to (doesnt happen with my current girl)... everytime i did accidently she got really angry (like what the fuck, i told you thats painfull, stop doing that or we are done), and i could see the pain in her eyes...
  7. Ukdamon

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    I think the other boys were probably jealous, but I was called things like "Donkey Dick" and at the time it was embarrassing.
  8. What did the girls say ;D I mean not the children in primary school, but your girl classmates in high-school and beyond...
  9. Ukdamon

    Ukdamon Guest

    Most just wanted to see it, and I obviously didn't flash it around. I sometimes got it out a drunken parties when I was older, but because I have Asperger's I struggle in social situations and so I am fairly shy.
  10. Thats a sad story mate, i wont lie to you... People can be mean and stupid at once... I guess living with Asperger's is not easy, i cant even imagine, but having a 10 inch dick doesnt have to be such a disadvantage, just like living with an average 5.5...

    You just have to be more carefull and considerate and gentleman... write down and learn some basic skills that you stick to when having sex with a woman to prevent hurting her and i believe most girls will love your size inside them... most will not take all length and you will have to make much longer sessions and a lot of oral and finger foreplay before you introduce your member inside her... but NO GIRL WILL SAY NO TO LONG FOREPLAY, LOTS OF ORAL AND FINGER MASSAGE FOLOWED BY PLENTY OF DICK...
  11. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    I don't envy anyone with a 10 inch dick.

    It would be like having a disability, no girl will want to be pounded too hard and you can write off ever doing anal with her unless she has had a drain pipe inserted.
  12. Ukdamon

    Ukdamon Guest

    I am Bisexual, some women have loved the size of my penis and have had no problems having sex with me, others have not been able to have sex with me because it my size.
  13. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    I'm not saying women wouldn't want to have sex with you, just saying it must be limiting to what you can do. You can't thrust too hard and the positions you would get to perform in would be limited to light missionary and even then you wouldn't be able to fully penetrate unless she has been fisting herself.
  14. iam not an expert but sex is not only about pounding and positions... no girl want to have a robot in her bed switching positions and pounding mindlesly... thats dehumanizing PORN sex that uses her body like an object (like a fleshlight)... if you have whatever dick (5.5 - 10) and can use it for enough time (10-20 minutes) than id say that for women mood and emotions are more important than bedroom athletics... why do you think stuff like "50 shades of grey" is so popular... womens biggest sex organ is brain (to paraphrase the old saying)... the most important thing beyond a) having a dick, b) lasting long enough... is EMOTIONAL TENSION, the ALPHA GUY combined with stimulation... if you have that chemistry going on between you (maybe only as a role-play) you dont have to pound her like a robot and you are good with only a few positions... its about the mood and chemistry...
  15. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    I've not read shades of grey, but women are generally sheep when it comes to hype and popularity.

    There is nothing robotic about pounding hard, you've got to be able to control yourself so you don't finish early from the excitement. It's a skill.

    Being restricted to only slow motion thrusts because your dick is too big, isn't going to excite anyone
  16. Metal> technically i dont think you are restricted to slow motion thrusts with a big dick, once the girl balloons to accomodate it, i dont think she needs to feel you have a limited intercourse at all... you just cant go balls deep... by term "pounding" i mean going fast and balls deep so your pelvis bangs or pounds her pelvis hard with every insert... the fap fap fap thing known from PORN... but i mean anyone with 10 inch dick and a bit of training can go as fast as he wants while only going 5 inch in and out... you just have to slightly modify the positions to accomodate for the distance you have to swing, so you dont accidently overdo it and hit her cervix hard... but i dont think a 10 inch owner cant give women what 5.5 inch owner apart from the "pounding" pelvises... i guess its identical in terms of positions and speed of thrusts...

    but who am i to say this... ask Ukdamon...

    btw this "skill" you talk about ? any tips how to get better at it ? how did you train yourself ;)
  17. Ukdamon

    Ukdamon Guest

    I am always more into Love Making than Shagging anyway, so I am more of a gentle lover.
    I never ejaculate so my control is very good. My female partners always get tired before I do
  18. Alright so you have a huge dick, you have absolute ejaculatory control and can go indefinitely and you are into gentle loving... Mate, you are every women's dream !!! What you are doing here... Go outside and fuck the world !!!
  19. Ukdamon

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    I am blessed in many ways, but I do have issues, I am scared of orgasm and ejaculation because of child abuse when I was young.

    I am here to stop masturbation and porn addiction.
    I just want to make love. I don't want to ever masturbate, look at porn or ejaculate.
  20. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    I will not give away my technique so there is no point asking.

    You already know about ejaculation control, so you should know it comes with practice.

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