Interview Monday for a radio internship. Nervous, my voice doesn’t have bass like it has.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by thelostsoul, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. thelostsoul

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    So after a relapse lastnight, went to check my email this morning to find that my resume was reviewed and accepted to move forward for an On-Air Personality/ Content Editor intern position. This has lead to an invite for the first round of interviews which take place Monday. I’m nervous because of my voice and how I look due to bags under my eyes which have always been since i was younger and had always been a nocturnal individual , pmo, and medication along with my diet. Idk if I stand a chance or not especially with most of these interviewees being in college or graduating soon and myself, being two years into my bachelors, looking to return with two years of college radio under my belt.

    If in my scenario what would you do? Anyone, this is scary because this is surprising.
  2. Joshua Shea

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    Well, if you think you're not going to get the job, you're not going to, so you have to change that thinking. What are the reasons, if you were in charge, that you would consider hiring you. Think about those traits and focus on accentuating them during the interview process. As for appearance, I didn't know it was important in radio, but there are a bunch of ways to temporarily remove bags from under your eyes you can find online.

    As somebody who probably hired 75-100 people over the years, all I was really looking for was competence with your experience. Can you technically do what I need you to do? It was much more important that the person have a little fire inside of them, an inner drive to go beyond and push themselves. I wanted somebody who had big dreams and saw how a period of time working for me could push them toward those dreams.

    Go in with the attitude that this job should be yours, there is nobody who would do a better job and that it's a stop on your road to whatever your long-term dreams are.

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