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Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by WaveRace, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. WaveRace

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    Having tried several sites with relationship success, allot of dates and some hookups, I've decided that online dating is not for me any longer. It's enticing to leave a profile up "just in case" someone decides to email.

    I find a strong need to reset and reformat my internal attitude and experiences with dating websites. Letting everything go and a clean slate. Being too preoccupied with online stuff causes many people to let their social skills diminish without realizing it. Just because someone goes out and interacts with people doesn't mean that they are creating good stable connections.

    I'm not going to claim that these sites don't work. It's true that in many ways they are a massive waste of time. On the other side, they can create opportunities to connect with people.

    Anybody else find that they've tried it more than once and need to let it go?
  2. Never had any success using it, but I suppose I didn't put in too much effort either.
  3. Foxeh

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    From someone whose been a few laps around the internet hookup really depends. They can be a powerful tool if used right, and can make the problem worse if used wrong. I feel like a social failure for only being able to be social and sexual online.

    The internet is inherently all talk, and talk is cheap, especially when its done behind the protection of a screen. If you use dating websites as a way to ease yourself into IRL dating, and eventually take off the online dating training wheels, then good on you. If you're just using it as an easy way out to avoid IRL social interaction, you're just hurting yourself.
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    Hey it works ,if your attractive, its easy picking for me, i dont even have to message women.
  5. You only need to be decently attractive and have a few good pics. Your description matters less than 10% (, so don't bother writing stuff about you on a dating site lol. I've tried it and always failed. Only met a girl so she could borrow some money from me. With that being said, I don't have a single good picture of me.

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