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  1. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member


    I'm joining.

    Maybe we should use this thread as a global journal for everyone?
  2. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member


    Here's my rule for this challenge:

    I'm only allowed to use the computer for 30 minutes during the day.

    I can then use it for as long as I want after 6pm.
  3. Arthur

    Arthur Guest


    I think this is a great idea.

    These are the rules I am going to make for my internet useage:

    at Yourbrainrebalanced: 45 minutes.
    Work related: at least 2-3 hours daily are necessary.
    Educational: 45 minutes. I live in a foreign country, and I use the internet to study.
    Other surfing: 30 minutes.

    That sounds like it might be too generous. But I guess if I can at least stick to those limits, it will be a lot better than what I usually do.

    I plan to attempt this for a seven day period.

    Where I live it is 18.09, and so tomorrow will be my first day. I'll report back.
  4. itsallforher

    itsallforher New Member


    Hey guys,

    Checking in. Moved to another state last Thursday so been busy with that. Been exploring the area a lot with my girlfriend and not spending much time on the net, asides from working. So far so good. Hope to keep using it less and less in the coming weeks.
  5. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    Great idea about the global journal for the internet challenge.

    Fair enough that everyone sets their own limits.

    I've been doing great, still spending about an hour a day.
  6. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

    I got sidetracked today ... by just some silly thing I was reading about. Anyway, I want to keep trying at this. It's showing me more about myself, just to try it. I think I made my first guidelines too complicated, and so it was too hard to remember. In any case, for work or language study / self-development, I'm permitting myself to do what I need. Otherwise, I'm limiting it to 30 minutes. So then, I'm on Day 1 again, starting over.
  7. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    I don't think you have to start over, this isn't a reboot. Just keep counting the days and keep looking at your progress/regress.

    Arthur, what do you think you can do to hold onto the limit and spend only up to 30 minutes of surfing?
  8. superduper

    superduper break the chains of porn


    Good point.
    Here's my breakdown on internet usage from now on:

    Uses of the internet:

    email for work
    friends on facebook
    looking for events
    keeping up with hobbies
    artistic inspiration
    artistic tutorials
    resources for projects
    dating sites

    time to break this down and really get internet usage under control.

    Email for work: not counted against time limit – very essential 5/5
    Friends on facebook – nothing very important happens, I get some form of excitement from comments/likes, but its trivial. I can talk or text friends and that is more fulfilling. Counts against time limit. Importance: 1 out of 5
    Looking for events: very important now that I am in a new city and have free time and want to meet people. Doesn't count against time limit. 4/5
    Keeping up with hobbies: mostly for entertainment sake and to know what to anticipate such as movies, animations, music. Somewhat important but counts against time limit. 3/5
    Artistic inspiration: tends to be a waste of time since I should be working on my own stuff anyway. Counts against time limit. 2/5
    Artistic tutorials: can be important sometimes, but since I'm taking classes and have enough on my plate, its not that important. But doesn't count against time. 3/5
    Resources for projects: highly important and doesn't count against time usage. 5/5
    Shopping: amazon is my best source for goods when I need them. Doesn't count against time usage. 5/5
    Forums: useful for emotional support. However quickly becomes a source of novelty and compulsive checking. I'm putting it at a low level of importance. 2/5
    Dating sites: somewhat important because it can be a good source of dates. However it can be a time sink as well. I will not count against time usage but I will use it methodically and not waste time browsing.

    1 hour a day will be enough for the following:
    keeping up with hobbies
    artistic inspiration
    friends on facebook
  9. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

    I think that I made my own rules a little too vague. So, I will restate them:

    Education (learning a foreign language), self development (this site and others similar) and job related, I'm permitting myself as much as is needed.

    Other surfing I am limiting to 30 minutes.

    So, I am presently on Day 2 of this challenge.

    Next week, I will be on vacation, and will try to have one full day completely internet-free.

    Thanks for your input, Laurynas.
  10. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    Very well done you two!

    superduper, great breakdown, now you clearly now what you intend to do on the internet.
    Be sure to post how you're doing.

    Arthur, i'm sure you can do a day free. Let your brain have some relaxation at least on your vacation. I'm sure your brain won't mind. Are you planning to go on some sort of trip on your vacation?
  11. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

    Hi Laurynas,

    We will be taking a trip by car for about 4 days ... seeing some places we want to visit. For two nights we will be staying in tent cabins, with no electricity, and while internet will be available (in a common area for guests), it also will be easy to avoid it.

    24 hours will be a very long time for me to go without the internet. But yes, my Brain will be very pleased with me, I'm sure. :)


    P.S. I'm on Day 4 of the Internet Challenge. I lost track of which Day I was on, actually. So I looked back to where I first posted on this thread. It was 23.07.12 (by my time, which is GMT +2). Today is 26.07.12
  12. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

    Day 6 of the Internet Challenge. We leave on our trip on Tuesday.

    I feel strongly, that I need to be more serious about reducing my internet use. I need to give it some thought and reflection and then I will come back and post a new plan. My schedule and work depend so much on the internet, it's easy, too easy, to just use it all the time. But, that's no excuse. There are ways I can reduce it.


    OK, here's my new plan:

    **Internet Useage on work days between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. (right now I am working on a project which ... requires work every day ... so for now, work days are 7 per week).

    **Before 8 a.m., when I wake up, I am going to read an old fashioned .... gasp ... BOOK!

    **After 7 p.m., I will have my laptop on a shelf, and available to use, but not on my lap. I'll only use it standing up, and occasionally when needed. This will be the big adjustment. Usually I'm thinking, well, it's the evening now, I can relax, and I relax with ... internet surfing.

    **If I do use my laptop to relax with a video, I will turn off the wireless first, and put it back on the shelf when the video concludes.

    **Eventually, I want to try to have internet- (and also SCREEN-) free Saturdays. By screen-free I mean, no TV, no computer, nothing with a screen, maybe not even my mobile phone.

    I'll continue to edit and update this plan. For now, it's only a rough draft.

    I'm posting this here to keep myself accountable.

  13. Palindrome5

    Palindrome5 New Member

    This is hellishly challenging, mostly because the restrictions are so arbitrary. You might set self-serving guidelines, rationalize that certain flexibilities are allowed, and next thing you know you're binging.

    I haven't had the bravery to do it yet, but I plan on removing the internet from my house altogether, and relying on wifi from libraries/cafe to get bare essentials done. The only concern is then maybe I will start wasting away my entire day in a cafe instead of at home, but at least it would attack certain comforts, such as being able to walk out of bed in your boxers right to the computer.

    I can also attest to the fact that on the rare days where I shut my computer off completely were incredibly satisfying and productive. But then the damn thing is just too useful to leave off, and there are so many triggers for compulsive behavior. Very infuriating.
  14. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

    I share your frustration, Palindrome. This challenge is causing me to see how I am so intertwined with the internet and computer use. Whether for work, for productivity, for relaxing, for a hobby, for getting information; I could easily be online 24 hours a day and .... sometimes I've come close to that.

    I'm going to make a new plan (based on the one above) and start a new thread for my own accountability. I'm going to try to keep track of my surfing time every day, no matter what it is for, and try to reduce it. Simultaneously I am going to try to reduce ways in which I am intertwined, to dis-entangle myself.

    If anything, what you wrote Palindrome helps me to see my own problem more clearly. So at least you can know that you've helped me in that way. :) And I wish you intelligence and creativity in figuring out how to deal with your own problem.

  15. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

    Well stated. But we have to just keep working at it.
  16. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    Well I have been overusing the 1-2 hour limits badly lately. :)
  17. BAMBAM

    BAMBAM New Member

    I have no idea what to do without the internet. . .
  18. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    Well it's obvious that you have a problem then.
  19. Journey

    Journey New Member

    I'm Gonna try limit myself to under an hour each day an see how I go. Mostl will be on this forum I suspect
  20. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    So what are you planning to do with so much spare time? Plan it or you'll end up surfing the internet yet again..

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