Internet automatic black-out software?

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    I want Internet to be automatically shut down between 9pm and 5am everyday.
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    Do you mean at home or on your smartphone?

    At home, I once installed a timer-power-outlet (don't really know what it's called in English). It's something you can at pretty much any convenience store. It's a simple clock that you plug into the power outlet and you configure two hours on it, the start- and the end hour. You then plug in your devices into this device. Automatically it switches on (turning on the devices) at the given time and it switches off again at the given time. I plugged my internet modem into this device. It would turn on during the day - giving me internet, but turning off in the evening when it was time to sleep - making sure I didn't use internet/porn in the evening/night/morning.

    On the smartphone (Android) I have turned off my mobile internet and password locked the settings so I can't turn it on again without entering a really long password. And I proofed my wifi using Open DNS ( which automatically blocks all porn.

    Hope it helps! :)


    So what you're talking about is an eletrical outlet timer, it seems legit. But it is too tempting to just unplug and go back to the Internet.

    When you talk about DNS you refer to it as the number combination that goes: "222 123 63..." ? Because once the trick didn't work with my laptop (I'm on Windows 10) and the porn sites were available.
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    Have you tried going into your router and using timed access Mac filtering?
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    Here's a link on how to use Open DNS:

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