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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by light, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. light

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    I am addicted to internet and never a day without. I am also addicted to download things from internet. I guess this behavior increase my dopamine levels unnaturally high?
    You can say I am an information junkie. I like to get information about all the things I am curious about from the internet, but I am not sure it makes me any more informed, more happy or smarter ;)
    I have listened to Garys radio show and he says that when dopamine is getting higher than normal it also goes lower than baseline later. Then other more normal things in my life will be less rewarding. I am also on 1 month of no porn, so I guess my dopamine is going way down below normal level. Have felt very little motivated and also abit depressed lately.

    My question is that if I should also eliminate my internet use in order to recover my dopamine receptors? It must be damn hard to quit internet, and I am worried that I just substitute it with TV or some other things like video games.
  2. light

    light New Member

    How to determine what is bad use of internet and good use? Interesting thing is that when I go on vacation I never use internet for like 2-3 weeks. And I feel great. Dont even miss it. But then I have lots of other things to do. beach, swimming, motorbike, restuarants etc.. I feel more happy I think. But when I come home I binge on internet looking if there is something new that has arrived. I think thats a sign of addiction ;)

    I have also noticed that when I am using internet alot, I feel tired, foggy head, moody, depressed.
    Problem is that internet can also be a fantastic source of information if used correctly. But there is also alot of crap there. Its hard to find a balance, because you cant really quit internet completely.

    I can read books instead of TV and internet. Have done that before, but feel very lonely after a while. Internet is kind of my way to stay social.
  3. Vorag0

    Vorag0 Guest

    Damn i can relate to this. It happens to me almost every day, i zone out infront of the internet/YT and end up feeling drained and shitey.
  4. Deleting porn is possible, but i can not delete internet from my life. It is everywhere. So i should control my internet behaviour all the time. Isn't that harder than healing from porn addiction?
  5. pilj

    pilj Guest

    any people who tried to cut internet?
  6. nathan

    nathan New Member

    im 6 months with no internet and i was pretty addicted to it. be ready for a big reality perception change, you will actually realize you don't need internet for anything besides getting map instructions, checking college status and basic stuff ;ike searching info on google. you don't need Facebook or any other shit
  7. breath

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    You said: "I like to get information about all the things I am curious about from the internet, but I am not sure it makes me any more informed, more happy or smarter ;) "

    I think that while the dopamine is sort of an interesting question, many of us use (myself included) framkly usethese information quests to prolong gettingon with an active lifestyle.

    I have certainly been letting my drive to be active get sucked away by reading, theorizing, internet surfing. (All which I have used to justify thousands of hours of wasted life frakly. (perhaps I'm doing it this moment as I type :)

    The brain is going to fix itself if we (THE ONES OPERATING THE BODY) gt up and stand up and do stuff. Active stuff rather than passive 'research' which tends to justify more of the same - let's face it .
  8. Imfree

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    It's ironic that the Internet is so powerfully addictive that we go on the Internet to read and write about how we want to get off of it. I used to do one screen-free day a week. By the end of the day you feel way better. The impact is really undeniable. I think that PMO addicts are just an extreme example of a problem that affects almost everybody in our society today. Porn is the most over the top way to get a dopamine rush, but most Internet content is trashy, of limited educational utility, and prone to bombard the user with annoying and overstimulating junk. ADD is obviously the result of a fried dopamine system from our obnoxious media environment. Even if you want to focus on one thing on the Internet (for example watching a whole video without skipping any parts), your computer will pester you with notifications for automatic updates, popups, error messages, crashes, etc. Why do I keep coming back to time/mind wasters like this site? At some point, you realize that that you feel depressed and your brain is foggy. You are compelled to make "just one more click", then you think "I'm a human being goddamn it!". Then comes the sweetest moment, I'm going to turn it off live.
  9. pilj

    pilj Guest

    yea but most studies that ive been made didn't raise any concerns about how the millenials get their dopamine system destroyed on a daily basis.

    But yea, when i travel i feel much better as im not seeking info behind a screen but do it in real life
  10. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    yeah blame TV/internet
    you know, tools that you could use to be a better person.
    Woods/williams/jordan, they all eat food and so does a 400lb is food good or bad? or is it the way you use it?
    read that be a better person
  11. prostate-orgasm

    prostate-orgasm New Member

    Quitting porn was easy for me, almost to easy, now instead i have started to use the internet to much instead.

    I am stuck using the internet due to lack of meaningfull social connections in real life. Due to ny high internet usage i also do not get much time to meet people. I know there is people i should meet and stuff i should try but i just cant manage to get it done.

    I have deleted facebook but now i am hooked on internet sating instead, i have even done some sexchatting i now regret(one girls stated she was 20 but later turned out to be 13). It seams that i just replace on type of dopamine stinuly with a different one.

    I Hope it will be better once i get a girlfriend, but then i need to be in shape.
  12. breath

    breath Member

    Let me ask you 2 questions:

    Outside of the question of whether you should quit/ substitute internet ....


    (if you attempt to answer do so without digressing into things you dont want !)


    How do you think you can achieve that?
  13. prostate-orgasm

    prostate-orgasm New Member

    My personal goals
    -taking drivers license
    -moving to a better place
    -starting a business
    -my political goals

    Currently internet is the only way for me to meet the people i want to meet, maybe is was a mistake of me not to move earlier.
  14. Evolution

    Evolution Member

    Does surfing the internet mess with the dopamine level with your brain?
  15. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Yes. News, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, forums... Use it in moderation, if at all
  16. BrainWarrior

    BrainWarrior Member

    I can relate, I can fucking relate. I want to reduce its use drastically, hoping it will inprove my mood too. Cutting porn for people like us i think isn't enough.

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