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    I have dyslexia so mind some errors Thank you :)

    Hey guys Just wanted to make a post on this subject. Basically, I've been porn free for about over a month and my no fap journey started 4 days ago...... I want advice is cause I'm experiencing problems... My first gf the sex was great but then I started to lose my erection and i couldn't get hard anymore. I've been watching porn and masturbating for 12 years now. The other day I brought a girl over to my flat we did most of things but i lost my erection whilst we were doing things and I had alcohol as well... so that doesn't help... I stay fit and healthy so that's not a problem... i can get boners when kissing girls or something, but i lose it shortly afterwards :( porn has ruined my life anyone having the same issues here if so and advice whats wrong with me and how i can get better i feel like killing myself cause it's making me angry how i can get a boner over a real women but i can get one when fantasising women in my head... how does this work in any sense:( i've had it where boners stay for a while whilst the girl is there but i lose it when coming to sex.... why is this help!!!!! me i used to masturbate 3 to 4 times a day and a heavy porn user.

    Advice: Whenever you feel like masturbation and watching porn... just remember if i do this i can't have sex with a real women cause i won't get a boner... always say to yourself i want to have sex with real women.. try and talk to real women as well it will help you
    WEEK 1:
    I already gone one week, there are some massive changes in my life that, I don't want to watch porn, my morning woods are not consistent they stay for 10 minutes some mornings and other mornings I won't get any boners wondering if that is normal ... I just feel really need sex but scared if my dick won't work again but I will do my best to recover the week I cut off everything what is porn related to me... now I am trying to replace masturbation. My hand still goes under my underwears to play a little with my mice :eek: without realizing it, I will try to get this out of my system

    week 2: was even harder than normal had morning woods on and off again. o brought a girl back and my dick worked a bit but then it went completely down...i had alcohol with my friends during the night so it didn't help.Kept having thoughts will my dick ever work again with real women.... also thought i wish I hadn't jacked my brain up with porn and masturbation..... in this week i asked few people if i have blood flow problems but i don't cause i can get erections when kissing girls, morning woods... previous i lasted 90 days without porn and masturbation... during the 90 day reboot i bought a girl back after the 90day period and my dick was strong like a pole.. it wouldn't go down i was so surprised.... few days later i relapsed and watched porn and it fuked my dick up again........

    week 3: this week was hard and I kept my mind focused by staying fit and healthy I go to the gym 5 times a week.... I had so many urges.. everywhere you can see girls and i kept thinking I really want to have sex with them and I kept all these thoughts out.... everyone talking about sex and in movies sex scenes came on.. best thing i did was turn the channel... so i realised i wont have any girls for a bout one year or so... this guy saw me sense.... he went through the same shit you might know him watch his videos

    week 4: this was a good week as i never had any porn urges but i still masturbated..... i cleared all my browing data and history... this can help you not to even click on it by mistake.

    week 5: pretty much the same as week 4

    week 6: I realised masturbation had to go as well... as I was masturbation over real women and i found out it can interrupt your reboot... I realised masturbation also has to go for good... i used to masturbate 3 times a day even in worse cases 5 times a day....

    week7: gone through a week without masturbation... the urges get worse as time goes on but you will learn to control not to masturbate whilst rebooting is necessary....

    week 8: temptation kicks in this week...... really tough week for me as i touching myself .... got a boner but not strong enough.. my morning woods were not regular....... but i remembered if i gave up and masturbated again it will slow my reocvery

    week 9: spoke to a real woman and we had a really sexual conversation... i guess this is better than watching porn and masturbating to it...... this gave me more motivation.... as i thought talking to a real woman and when i recover we could have amazing sex together....

    week10 : 1 month without masturbation and 2 months without porn... still fighting hard and struggling everyday..

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