In withdrawals, do you get massive digestion problems, insomnia and huge anxiety (pressure in tummy)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by auzzie_mikey, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    Im on day 69 now of No PMO withdrawals and the worst symptoms have been indigestion. Whenever I eat something, I feel like going to take a poo straight after. And whenever I eat something, I keep getting burps. Like my stomach never feels settled and comfortable like it once used to. Before when I was normal and ok, my stomach was fine and didn't have any problems. Now my indigestion is fucked and feels unsettled all the time. Does anyone else share this indigestion, stomach problems as me and frequently having to poo during the day?

    Another massive symptom is my inability to sleep well. Insomnia. I feel quite a fatigued mind that feels worn out and fatigued. I feel as if my mind is extremely fatigued and its trying to recover. But I can't sleep due to extreme pain and also indigestion I feel while sleeping at night. Anyone else share this symptom?
    The most horrible feeling I feel is huge anxiety (pressure in tummy). Like when I'm in public, someone can sense my weakness of my eyes and presence and they then keep staring at me. This causes extreme anxiety n pain in my stomach. Like pressure builds in my stomach. When I'm at work, co-workers sense i'm weak and then they keep staring at me. Causes pressure in my stomach. Its the most unsettling feeling.

    Anyone else share these symptoms during withdrawal?
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    I also feel some indigestion problems as well , and they tend to increase when I relapse . You can start exercising, go to a gym , I am doing that and it has helped me. Also try to walk for 10 mins after any big meal(breakfast , lunch , dinner ). It may seem difficult to go to a gym if you feel energy less , but trust me , I feel the same many times , but still you can join one , somedays you will be able to workout well and the rest days you can just walk on treadmill or do some light exercises .
  3. auzzie_mikey

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    Yeah bro, definitely its withdrawals for me. It just seems when I have withdrawals that they will last forever. Just gotta hold on and be strong

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