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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by axebattler, Dec 28, 2019.

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    Are there any reasons why you need/want to use chats room legitimately? If so can something else be used as a substitute?

    Also, I've noticed that after I think I've successfully resisted something that I then have tendency to then fall in. It's like my brain relaxing after the strain, or thinking aren't I good for resisting!
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    There's no legitimate reason, whether it's an "adult" chat room or a "normal" chat room. Maybe some people can use them legitimately but I can't.

    Yeah that can be an issue. I feel kind of "cured" of the addiction sometimes and then I let my guard down.
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    Maybe you mean, am I using chat rooms partly just to "connect" with people and things like that? There is a bit of that, but they're terrible places to do so.

    Anything else remotely positive can be used as a substitute. I just need to avoid live, online chat.
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    There's a passage in the bible that says "let he that think he stands take head les he fall" there's a spiritual implication but also a practical one in that we must never let are guard down. Treat every successful streak as if you just relapsed yesterday and need another streak going.
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    I've been keeping a journal on another forum the past few days. Although I use this forum and the other one every day, I've been neglecting my journal writing somewhat so I'm trying to get back to writing a little every day.

    At the moment, the other forum is "currently disabled", so I'll write here. About time I updated this journal anyway.

    Day Four

    Four days ago I logged into a chat room and I also looked at P-subs. I've been clean since and I intend to stay that way!

    Today was all right. I wasn't overly tempted. I've been getting more thoughts of P than usual, and this is almost certainly a result of looking at P-subs recently.

    Chat, P-subs and P: I've got to avoid all three. If I do one I get cravings for the others.

    Right, I feel like getting off the computer now, which is probably a good idea!
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