i'm online for the second day - took a week off..

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by breath, May 2, 2013.

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    it was a good chance to observe habits of using internet / computer. wanting a lovely balance, sometimes it's nice to browse and fitter away time. life needn't be always purposeful. i'm going for a balance this week - may be harder than just stopping it - but a good pursuit i think.

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    I did 3 weeks without my computer ( my main online source) last summer and I thought that it helped me a lot. I was still able to go online on other devices, but I simply stayed online for specific reasons. On may 15th I'm going for a full 90 days without my computer. I have been living online for the past 12 years and I got nothing out of it, enough is enough.

    You should try to go even further than a week.
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    Re: i'm online for the second day - took a week off.. NEW PLAN..

    just noticed your post flamingwind. Man, thanks ! I really appreciate the ACTION in what you did and am grateful that you shared it with me. I'm now inspired and fired up about this. Taking action for change and trying new things is way better than the mere knowledge/consciousness of knowing what should be done yet not turning the thought into action.



    *** after that I'm going to go 90 days off the keyboard/www. ***

    I'm going to set a limit of ZERO internet browsing other than pressing or professional stuff.

    i'm generally terrible about reading emails - even important ones!

    hopefully, if it goes according to plan i'll spend far less time on the computer while actually reading all those important e-mails! I'll make a point of deleting browsable tidbits..
    (porn is ancient history btw for any readers following so that's not even a factor in this little promise to myself)....

    *thought: there are vegetarians who used to eat meat andwork at butcher shops. once something gets to be the norm it can be effortless to continue without any willpower - just the new habit / resolve

    MAY 27th 2013: AFTER 3 months off of the internet except for professional/urgent matters.
    only on AUGUST 27th 2013 i'll return here to the forum.

    P A U S I N G T O E N T E R D A T E S I N D A Y T I M E R .......


    in other self-news...

    Wife and i are trying to get pregnant. i decided to abstain from orgasm unless we have sex together. Now we are (sadly :) beyond the ovulation days - so no required sex right now.. she's not a big horndog / initiator of sex - although things are great we are in our 40's with kids - cuddling is very much alive (after a decade of being estranged and unfriendly under the same roof. miracle... but another story.

    The internet/ computer is very much something i use as a comforting/avoidance... like opening the fridge out of habit when not really hungry - just to browse.

    YBR has more test subjects who abstain from orgasm than abstain from computer overuse!
    Apologies if if i'm incorrect and/or out of line - i really have the utmost gratitude and respect for every man who congregates here.
    In any case, now i am a test subject off porn AND computer browsing. and for the record , sexing only with my wife, and allowing the occasional wank to orgasm - but aiming for a much lower frequency than ever before and never using any death grip - if it's not happening easily i'm probably asking too much for my 48 yr old body.. especially if i wanna be a stud in the matrimonial bed.

    maybe the future of human self discipline lies in the clear distinction between computer work and computer browsing. i'll leave that for the next Gary Wilson type pro studies. i'll just be the test subjest as posted above. vowing to follow through as my brain/nutsac's contribution to science hardy har har ..

    - what came first the chicken, the egg or the rooster?
    - what came first the porn problem, the computer addiction addiction or 'breath's' mild ED.
    SEE YOU BROS tomorrow, and then the next weekend. May the force be with y'all whatever your endeavour and journey.

    i don't know TUNE IN AUGUST 27th 2013 for the answer from an enlightened 'breath' or maybe it'll just be more musings... in any case i'm pretty sure if this was talent night at the appolo theatre i be booed off stage. :)

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