I'm Mantas and I am an addict

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  1. Mantasx1

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    Hey, everyone. I'm new. My name is in the title and I'm a porn addict.
    I've been trying to quit for over a year now, highest I got was 54 days, yet my weak mind took the better of me.
    So here I am, one year later and nothing has changed. I am mad, frustrated, sad with and at myself, because I can't cure myself of this habit. I need help to quit watching pornography and masturbating to it.
    I also want to quit using porn substitutes like snapchat and/or tinder.
    I get mostly triggered at the evenings when I have nothing to do or should be doing something else, being alone is also a huge trigger.
    I want to change and be a better version of myself.

    My reboot began at 9:00 PM. I am going to update this journal every day around the same time to let you know about my journey and what thoughts I had about porn or anything that has to do with it.
  2. Mantasx1

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    Day 1 is in the books (or in this case, the journal).
    I did download snapchat and tinder again. Snapchat is deleted at the moment, didn't delete tinder again for now. Other than that, I didn't have any sex thoughts (though I probably will now since it's like when you're told to not think of an elephant). Went to the gym today, did squats and deadlifts today, didn't continue because I felt a lack of energy as well as a feeling that I was gonna throw up anytime soon. But I didn't.
  3. Mantasx1

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    Day 2. Deleted snapchat and tinder again after not gaining anything. Had a calm christmas day. Made me feel bad about myself that I am addicted to PMO, other people seem to have better things to do. Tomorrow I was invited to this girls house for a sort of party. Don’t know if I will go there. The me on day 54 of nofap would go. Don’t know yet if the current me will go.
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    Keep going! Freedom from pornograhy is achievable. Preservere on

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