I'm in a flatline and it's terrifying.

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by theflatlineisreal, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    Yep, so far. I actually *stop* in the dreams. Like, I'll engage in a sexual activity, but then for whatever reason stop a little bit into it, so I haven't had any orgasms/wet dreams from them yet. And yea, I'm on day 57 now, so that seems to be consistent with your experiences.

    Haven't attempted any sexual activity with the girl I've been seeing, mostly because we haven't spent the past couple of weekends together. To be honest, I'm pretty sure she's going to call it off any day now, which is upsetting. But I really can't blame her.
  2. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    I'm gonna sound like ted050374 or wotsisname here but have you ever tried just getting down n dirty...


    ...with her fanny (UK version)? Just like get in there and enjoy the taste n getting her off? Just say you're on SSRIs or something but get down there with your tongue on the clit giving orgasm???

    Just cuddle and kiss and lay down on a bed and FEEL and just try stuff. Taste her sweat, everything. Despite low libido, I'm still a dirty fucker, and I *always* give good mouthsex at least. ;)
  3. frusting

    frusting New Member


    That is pretty much me in nutshell now. I can't maintain my erection so I just go down on her all the time and she loves it. Thankfully she gets off on that multiple times and thus is quite satisfied. However I still want to be able to enjoy PIV.
  4. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    Well, girl I was seeing initiated a conversation that essentially downgraded our status to just friends. So that's that. I don't blame her, and to her credit, it wasn't about the lack of sex, but obviously it's a factor that she didn't really bring up. She was fairly supportive and accommodating overall.

    This, of course, is happening simultaneously to me starting to feel some really positive effects. I might have to call an old squeeze for some test results over the weekend...
  5. frusting

    frusting New Member

    Heh, I feel like mine is about to come to an end too! Really bad timing too considering it takes some time to get comfortable.

    What kind of positive effects were you starting to feel? That stuff fluctuates up and down so always tricky to figure out what is happening. With my ex I went for months with NO issues! Then bam, super duper ED.
  6. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    I feel like my libido has really started to creep up on me. In fact, it's getting kind of bad. While my resolve to not go to PMO is very strong, my desire for a release is definitely building. So I've been trying to essentially rekindle some old hookup girls from the past.

    I fear I may have the opposite problem (premature ejaculation) during the next sexual encounter I have.

    This quite literally exploded in my face. Out of nowhere. I'm 65 days in, and I'd say probably around this time last week I started noticing more and more desires.
  7. Gonnabeatthis

    Gonnabeatthis New Member

    I am flatlining for several months now, for most of my reboot, that is fucking scary.
  8. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    If it helps at all, I was flatlining before I even cut all PMO out. This just started happening about two months in. If you read through this thread you'll see how my state of mind was. The flatline is horrific.

    I don't want to jinx myself, but my libido came out of fucking nowhere. Hopefully this is helpful. I don't know if this is a cycle, and I'm not going to tell myself I'm totally out of the flatline hole. I might get right back in one. But I'm absolutely feeling a lot of libido right now, and I'm getting random chub/erections at fairly minuscule things and thoughts.
  9. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    Had a very successful sexual experience over the weekend with someone I've fooled around with in the past.

    I essentially became extremely aroused from just making out, and once we got into bed nude and started touching each other, I was completely ready to go. It didn't last very long, but I expected that. This was on day 72, and maybe it's because it's been a while, but the sensations from everything were far greater than the last time I had successful intercourse. Condom was on, obviously.
  10. grayfoxxx

    grayfoxxx My English is worse than my ED.

    wow, cool!
  11. frusting

    frusting New Member

    Whoa, sounds awesome dude. So you got an erection from just making out, got a condom on and was able to have PIV? I assume you lost it at some point due to your brain messing with you but that is amazing progress, no?
  12. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    No man, perhaps I wasn't clear earlier. I had TOTALLY successful sex. What I meant by not lasting long is that I had an orgasm fairly quickly.

    *Trigger warning ahead, sexually explicit content*

    We basically started making out on my couch, and I started getting some chub. When we moved over to the bedroom, and removed our clothing, I got serious chub. Once we started making out in bed, and she started stroking my dick, I got fully hard. She then went down on me for a bit, and I was perpetually at 100% erection. Put the condom on, still at a very strong erection, and she gets on top of me and rides me for maybe two minutes. I even had to have her slow down for a bit because I was on the verge of cumming almost immediately, but I couldn't really hold out for long.

    So I had a fully successful sexual experience. I suppose I'm in the premature ejaculation zone right now, because I can't even describe how insanely pleasurable and aroused I was during all of this. I haven't felt like that in the bedroom in longer than I can remember.

    That was on day 72 of absolutely zero porn, masturbation, or orgasms of any kind.
  13. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    Also, everyone says that rewiring next to a close companion should help their process. I'm going to go ahead and say I think dating that girl, as much as I liked her, actually made it worse. I think it creates an inherent anxiety, even if you're close to said person.

    Everyone is different I suppose, but I think I made the most progress on my own, just isolated from sexual attempts and thoughts.

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