I'm in a flatline and it's terrifying.

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by theflatlineisreal, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    I used to wonder why I ppl feeling down .. it seems to be a great chance to heal without any sexual temptations which may set u back through a relapse .. but reality is totally different !!

    you start feeling you lost your muscularity and wont have sex ever .. specially for those who are in relationships, the situation becomes more tense with a lifeless sexual mindset

    the whole process is harsh we keep swinging between severe crawings and deep flatline, while both is shit .. till we hopefully reach a healthy shore
  2. Motivated4Life

    Motivated4Life New Member

    I went more than 100 days no pmo last year.. went through the flatline around the same time as you I believe.. it does suck really bad and fuck with your head quite a bit. I know you read it on here before but.. just keep in mind flatline WILL pass, its only temporary phase. We can go on and on about all the negatives of it, but I'll offer a positive twist to it for you to consider.. I believe in a way men are cursed with our sexuality.. its our greatest source of pleasure but also keeps us permanently preoccupied with sex and women. If you are feeling no sexual desire at all, utilize this time to be PRODUCTIVE.. work on projects that can make you money, put in more hours at work and save more money, workout, clean your house, take photos of old shit you dont use and sell it on ebay, etc etc... you get the point.. as men we spend a large portion of our lives going after sex or thinking about it.. if you are in flatline, look at it as a temporary timeframe to be free from always thinking about sex.. focus on other shit in life, go out in nature, meditate, do something nice and unexpected for a friend or family member, take martial arts, etc.. enjoy LIFE.

    Hope this helps man! Good luck!!
  3. DarkFlameMaster

    DarkFlameMaster Don’t regret the past, just learn from it.

    never had a flatline b4...just asking in case,
    so does it go away on its own?
  4. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    40 days today, still feel flatlined.

    No real urges. The exception being I was hungover as hell on Saturday, and definitely felt more frisky. Anyone experience that before? God I'm getting sick of this bullshit.
  5. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    Yes, allegedly it does. You just have to abstain completely from PMO for months and months and months and months.
  6. RebornAgain

    RebornAgain Beating my addiction one day at a time.. Staff Member

    You also need to "wake up" your libido at some point.

    A couple intimate sexual encounters and my libido is creeping back. Don't force sex while your body is flatlining. It needs time to recover.
  7. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    I'm just getting angry and annoyed and doubting any of this crap will work. I just feel like I'm stuck as an asexual bastard while everyone around me seems to bursting at the seams with libido, where one day off from any release is literally torture for them.
  8. Perplexed

    Perplexed New Member

    I think a question I have is what if you just cannot??

    My penis has completly shrunk, by end of the night it eases but by next day same thing...is this somethign that repairs after no PMO or O over time?

    Has anyone here experienced this and can give any feedback?
  9. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    I'm 52 days in, and the week I started or so, mine was definitely more shrunken looking.

    Right now it looks full, veiny, and healthy. I'm still in a deep flatline, though, but I have a suspicion I might be able to have successful sex under the right circumstances. However, I am still not experiencing any increased libido or actual desire to have sex or even masturbate. Morning wood is still fairly consistent, roughly 70% erections when waking up, unless I have to urinate strongly, which causes 100% erections.

    Mentally, my spirits have been lifted slightly as I think the weeks have started to chip away at the dread of it all. I'm simply used to the "struggle" now. But it's not a struggle of willpower against fighting off urges to PMO; it's the struggle of whether or not my virility will ever come back, and if I'll ever look at a woman with desire. I've just gotten used to the flatline now, so I suppose that's a positive.
  10. lanister

    lanister Member

    Iam 3 weeks into the flatline and it sucks rly hard... no libido at all.. feeling more asexual than ever before..the hardest is, when you see other people flirting and you feel like an alien :/ .. when does this shit end? i think if i would know the flatline is ending in 2 months that would be fine to me because i know it is ending. but when you dont know how long this takes it feels depressing for me..
  11. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    Trust me, I felt and continue to feel exactly the same way. Unfortunately, there is no set timeframe. For a lot of guys, 90 days seems to be when they start noticing some of the post-flatline effects. Some even much longer than that.

    The only advice I can give you, which I've been giving myself, is to just continue going and going. The success stories all comment on the flatline, and they all say you'll get out if it, and that you just have to keep powering through.
  12. lanister

    lanister Member

    thanks mate, nice to read the advice. i know that the flatline is a phenomonen with a beginn and an ending.. i will keep going. i swear to my life i will keep going. Want my life back - relapse is no option.
  13. frusting

    frusting New Member

    Just wanted to chime in, that I am past 90 days and it is still a struggle.

    What I have done recently is tried sex with cialis 20 mg. Prior to that I was able to get hard by my girl's stimulation, but I would lose it quickly enough such that PIV was impossible. With Cialis this issue has been mitigated. So if she is able to get me hard, then it stays hard for a bit. I then lose it during intercourse or rather it goes down to 60% strength or so, but she can get it back up.

    Whether or not this is getting out of flatline or just experiencing greater libido due to having sexual contact is anyone's guess. I remember with other girls there were similar problems. That is, eventually I was able to get past the crippling ED and actually do stuff - but losing it during PIV was a common occurrence. I thought that this second reboot with strictly no MO whatsoever would be the cure, but it has been a bigger struggle than ever before in my life.

    Go figure. I am finally free of P, free of MO and have the worst ED of my life. What a treat.
  14. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    Just read just about the most perfect post over on reddit just now: http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/3397qb/are_you_starting_to_have_vivid_dreams_congrats/

    I've actually been noticing I *have* been having more memorable dreams the past week or two, and didn't realize there could be a connection. This was just about the best thing I could have read tonight, as it seems there is evidence showing it is a stepping stone in rebooting.
  15. JG55

    JG55 Member

    Fascinating. I've just started noticing more vivid dreams myself. Definitely agree there is a correlation and I hope I experience the suggested benefits soon!
  16. frusting

    frusting New Member

    Bummer, I always had vivid dreams - all my life. In fact, I have been having wet dreams since I was a kid and all through my adult life. I think wet dreams are vivid by nature.

    Since wet dreams appear to be associated with recovery I always wondered whether my little stretches of accidental no porn were attempts are reboot.
  17. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    I've generally had dreams all my life, but I've noticed a stark decrease this past year specifically. And it's been noticeable that they're starting to resurface.

    Still no wet dreams. I really want one to happen, as odd as that sounds, because I feel like it'll be another stepping stone in rebooting. I've been having sexual dreams here and there, but no dice so far.
  18. frusting

    frusting New Member

    I can tell you one thing about wet dreams though. Most of my life they have been rather pornographic in general and with nobody specific, sometimes celebrities. Many have been homosexual in nature which is obviously no surprise due to my TS porn usage.

    However the last several dreams have been with real people (exes) and have been far less graphic and explicit. Much more like real life. So that is a good thing.
  19. theflatlineisreal

    theflatlineisreal New Member

    It's funny you mention that, actually. The sexual dreams I've been having recently have generally been with real people I've encountered in my life. Some of which I have never slept with, some of which I have. This week, I've had at least one sexual dream every night. This is blowing my mind. I don't think I've ever had such sheer volume of sexually charged dreams.
  20. frusting

    frusting New Member

    Interesting! So you can check my journal, but I believe the bulk of those were happening around the 40-60 day mark. Have not had one in a while.
    One possible thing to consider is that I am sleeping with someone now...but then again, I had one about her within the first few weeks of meeting her.

    Your dreams are just dreams though, never end in anything more?

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