I'm gonna fight PIED the hard way

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    I'm 24 years old guy who discovered porn at the age of 12. I was hooked since then and would PMO twice a day. I'd use still images at the beginning but then things escalated to videos after a couple of years. I'd watch it 2-3 hours a day. At 18, I developed deathgrip syndrome and would required a solid grip to get off. By this time, I'd pretty much conditioned myself to porn and masturbation. I'd lurk on every porn site I could get my hands on. I'd look for novelty all over the Internet. I'd lost my morning wood. I wouldn't get hard to touch alone.

    At age 19, I developed PIED. The girl I was hooking up with tried to give me a BJ and I won't feel a thing. My dick was dead. Embarrassed and worried, I thought she was not hot enough. Looking for answers, I thought I'd a venous leak or something but I'd get occasional morning wood. I continued watching porn and it didn't work out for me anymore, so I'd look for disturbing explicit contents on the Internet. One day, I realized I'd a problem. I limited myself to watching just vanilla contents and it went for a couple of years. I ignored my ED and thought I'll be fine. I didn't know porn has done this to me. So, I went on with PIED for 4 years.

    At the start of 2020, I discovered NoFap and YourBrainOnPorn. My problems started to make sense and I pretty much gave up porn for good alongside masturbation. I went hardmode for like 60 days then relapsed to nudes. But I didn't stop and made another streak of 106 days (flatline for 3 months). During this time, I'd 5 wet dreams. Last night, I had this enormous urge and a boner. I relapsed and peeked at normal nude images. No videos, just women in plain bikinis. I needed constant stimulation to keep it up and had like 80% erection. No fantasies. Just light grip.

    Problem is, I can get hard for a minute during the night to just light fantasies which wasn't the case before my last streak. Then I'd lose the erection. Same with girls, when I make out with them at first I'm hard like 70% for a minute or two, then I'd lose my erection and it won't come back even if I touch my dick. I don't get the urge to watch porn or anything. I would classify myself as a porn addict because my porn habits are completely gone. I'm not sure what's going on! What do you guys think?

    Today, I deleted my Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and every other social network accounts in my phone. I deleted Steam, my video games, anything that gives me artificial stimulation. I cleaned my browser, installed a porn blocker and I'm just gonna keep on going. I know I've a long way to go because I've messed up my heads which can't be fixed in few months, but I'm ready and I don't care even if it takes me 5 years. I'm gonna do a complete dopamine detox. I'm gonna focus on myself and build some good disciplines.

    Things I've been doing:
    • Working out at the gym
    • Avoiding eating junk food
    • Writing in my journal
    • Going out and interacting with people
    • Studying on lots of different subjects
    • Avoding sitting idle
    • Meditating
    • Learning photography
    Things I'll not be doing:
    • No porn
    • No masturbation
    • No lurking aimlessly on the Internet
    • No fantasies
    • No sexting
    • Not touching my dick
    • Playing video games
    • Netflix and movies
    • Drinking caffeine
    • Eating junk food and sugar
    I'm gonna post my progress here every week here or so. If you guys have any tips or advice, that will be appreciated.
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    Good for you man !
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    keep us updated

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