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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Neilk, Sep 8, 2019.

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    Update. Last post of mine was back in early March. I was at 63 or 64 days strong. I don't know what happened well I do know. I saw a picture of the girl from the American Pie movie topless. It was meant to be a innocent search for the actress since she was in a movie I had seen and didn't know it was her. Next thing I know I am fapping away. I blew 64ish days. I felt horrible I went a day or two and my mind wondered and next thing I know is I'm back doing it every night or so. Watching porn and jerking my dick. Wife and I are having issues and trying to reconnect our lost love life. We have recently had sex 3x over the past week or so. My first go went ok. Lasted just a few minutes. 2nd attempt later that night I was raging hard and went 10+ minutes. We had sex Friday night again. I had some difficulty getting firm. And fired off after a few pumps. I am over a week (probably 2 weeks) porn And fap free. I am resetting my counter as today day 0. I am not going to be giving up
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    Hey man, also back to the forum after like two or three months and relapsing.

    So I can relate. Welcome back to the both of us, I guess. oo
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    It's horrible how one little thing can cause you to slip back down the rabbit hole. I would have been at 251 days according to the counter. I just wonder how my body would feel at that amount of time
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    Lots of urges last night. All yesterday I was extremely horny went to bed and woke up at 2am thinking dirty thoughts and how bad I just wanted release. I held back and feel asleep.
    I started taking some vitamins that I have read help with sexual support and blood vessel dialation. I have only taken those for 2 days. I also bought a sexual support pill Ageless Male Max and took one dose 2 pills yesterday. I have a weekend getaway with the wife and hopefully I won't have a issue getting hard. We are working on re connecting our love and sex life 3 years after having a child.

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