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    Hi mate. Sadly, you have got a limp dick because of the addiction to high speed internet porn (HSIP) and habitual masturbation. HSIP is especially damaging when it is consumed during the years from puberty onwards. At what age did puberty start? Were you already masturbating to HSIP or did you do so soon afterwards. Our brains have maximum plasticity during these formative years. Whereas older guys that may have masturbated to magazines or old VHS tapes or dial-up porn videos there is little similarity with what is available these days.

    You may not have considered that you have a porn addiction, but there is clear evidence that it is causing teenagers (onwards) erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, it is, in reality porn-induced ED or PIED. If you masturbate 'prone' i.e. face down and hump pillows or the mattress etc, this can cause damage to your dick. But 90-95% of us masturbate with a stroking motion with our hands. Nevertheless, many of us grip so hard that damage can be caused to your dick. This is referred to as "death grip". These unhealthy masturbation methods can also contribute to numbness in your dick.

    This is the first information I heard about these sorts of issues when I started on my journey to recovery...

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    barristan What a terrible night to have a curse.

    First of all, dont panic. It's normal to go on a flatline after years of bad habits.
    Second, stop all porn, masturbation and fantasies, for life.

    As mentioned above you case can be a mix between PIED and deathgrip syndrome. So yeah, not only you need to stop watching porn but you gotta stop touching your peepee too. I know it maybe sound insane but believe me, the sooner you stop the sooner you will regain a normal sex life.

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