I will talk to 1000 new women through 2014

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by Deleted User, Jul 10, 2014.

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    Yeah maybe your first goal was a little ambitious. Plus there is some days you really won't feel like it.

    6 girls a week (to keep your number 6) sounds more constructive.

    Not sure: you talk about the girl? I don't think you're right on that. Even if the girl acts like a model and is arrogant, deep inside, she likes it. Because even if girls can be weird, they are human being, and a normal human being is always happy to get some attraction. And in the case it annoys them, what the hell, you showed some love, not violence.

    Sounds appealing in theory, but really difficult in practice. And why going in such a complicated process (find a hobby, get there, trying to find a hobby where there are girls, then finally go talk to one etc) when there is girls everywhere in the street?

    I think trying to talk to girls in random situations is noble, because it is very difficult, it takes a lot of courage, and it helps to remove your inhibitions. When you master social skills, you're good to go in life. A shy person suffers a lot and life can be pretty painful for him.

    Plus girls in the street or wherever, this is REALITY. We all try to fight theory and virtuality here.
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    A lot of interesting feedback from everyone. I'll try to address all of your questions/concerns:

    First of all, I think I should give you guys some background information:

    I was born with an embarrassing genetic defect that prevented me from being comfortable under my own skin. So, I was shy throughout high school and confided in a small group of nerdy friends. I always felt self conscious. This made me get buried into porn as a way to feel better about myself. So, while most guys were honing their social skills, I was isolated with my computer.

    The defect was corrected when I was 19, but my habits were ingrained. In college, several girls expressed interest but I never took it to the next level besides many dates...for a multitude of excuses I made up in my own head(living at home with extremely nosey parents, not having my own room, being embarrassed about how poor we were). I lost my virginity very late, when I went to graduate school for a career change. The girl was very forgiving of my ED and subsequent PE (I never told her about the porn, and made up a bullshit story about having trouble getting over my "ex"). I was embarrassed to tell her I was a virgin in my mid 20s. After a few times we started having good sex. We broke up after 6 months.

    After graduate school, I moved to a little town on the west coast. It's been over a year and I've made absolutely no friends here. I work at a big tech company doing mindless work massaging data. There are bars in the town and a few places to go. But the general culture here is all about hiking and biking (not into either). And it's extremely family oriented. So many people here are married or in serious relationships! To make matters worse, I didn't rent an apartment in the city because the commute would have been an hour each way because of traffic. Going to the city after work on weekdays is impossible because I get out late and am tired after staring in front of a computer for 10 hours. I miss my old city and would move in a heartbeat if I could find a job with the same salary. I plan to move next summer if things don't improve with my social life. There are definitely single girls out here in this town. I see tons on match.com. But my looks have quickly faded as I'm balding and lack of sex life. Those don't bother me as much as my really bad social skills with women. Simply put, I haven't had a lot of practice. I always see the nonverbal cues in hindsight. It's really sad for me I'm so underdeveloped. At this point, I don't care about having a reputation. I just want to feel comfortable talking to any woman at random and get a conversation going and appear a bit more Alpha. I also want to be able to read subtle hints more quickly and confidently. . I feel the 1,000 girl count is a good baseline. Maybe by the time I get to 500, I'll probably have a girlfriend.

    In regards to hobbies, I went to grad school for art. I don't want to go into details to reveal my identity. A lot of it is migrating online and I'm in the process of setting up an e-commerce site. The scene here is dead compared to where I'm originally from. In my old city, there are events, meetups and groups every night. Babes everywhere. And, I'm also trying to make some guy friends to do manly things. Here, it seems if you want to have a circle of friends your age...you need to be local or know them from High School. It's really really tight knit.

    Some places I plan to go to meet girls:
    -Yoga Classes
    -Dance Classes
    -Biking Trail

    Another big thing I need to get over is going to events alone. Have you guys noticed that everybody goes with friends? Whenever I go anywhere, I seem to be the lone wolf. I've joined some meetups as well, but the people seem to be really flaky. Will keep everyone posted!
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    I personally think the weakness of your location might be your strength: you don't have competition. Someone was talking about reputation: that's exactly what you might do, building up a reputation. The guy who talks to chicks and who's not afraid. Then you'll see.

    Keep us posted. Just master your town :) And congrats on your courage
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    I'm literally amazed, so meeting women through a hobby or an activity that you enjoy is a complicated process. Go ahead and annoy women on the streets and see how much you'll enjoy that!

    seems like you have more things to consider then simply girls.

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