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    You've been experiencing sex-related issues and you start to worry about it. You make your research and find something called NoFap, you read a lot of testimonials about people who overcame their problems just by practicing NoFap, it seems pretty easy, you only need to be away from porn and masturbation, so you decide to do it and make a change in your life.⁣

    The first week you find that it's not that easy. Now you have to cover the time you used for masturbation with other activities, maybe you start doing some sport, painting, reading...⁣
    You are motivated and decided to beat your sex problems and become the best lover you can be.⁣

    Time goes forward and you experience your first flatline. You find yourself depressed, sad, and powerless. You fight against the urges of watching porn and masturbate and you get over them, nothing would be able to keep you from reaching your goal. ⁣

    After passing the flatline you start noticing some improvements, you feel your libido is back, you can get easily aroused, your erection quality has improved, and you can keep it for a longer time.⁣
    That's great! Right?⁣
    You've overcome these problems, you can perform without problems, and it seems you'll never experience again that frustration.⁣

    You're now living a healthy sex life, you're happy and so is your partner.⁣
    Suddenly, one day, you feel the urge to masturbate, you've been on a long NoFap journey and you deserve some relief, you go into your favorite porn website and look for some videos, and you just let yourself enjoy that moment, you jerk off and feel good. Everything seems good.⁣

    The next day you meet your girlfriend and you are not able to perform, you experience problems again and you panic. How is that possible? Yesterday you could get and maintain a good erection and today all that you got along with your NoFap journey is lost. You're back again, you find yourself behind the output box.⁣

    You decide to start NoFap again, but it has no effect on you, it becomes useless. You're sad, angry, and depressed because you don't know what is going on, and don't know what to do to get your healthy sex life back.⁣
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    There are two ways of facing problems, the fast one, and the efficient one. When you choose to take pills to solve your sex trouble, you're choosing the fast way, but is it worth it? Are you actually giving yourself a permanent solution or just masking the problem?⁣ ⁣

    Symptoms are responses that our body gives us to inner problems that we cannot see and it fights. So if you're having difficulties to get or maintain an erection, or hold for a longer time your ejaculation it would mean that some underlying reasons are making you cope with these situations.⁣ ⁣

    The body is wise, and tells us that something is not going well by showing up different symptoms, if we use meds to "cure" these manifestations not only will it not heal, it will make it worse because we would shut it up the only way it has to talk to us, and the more meds you use, the higher the dependency you build to them, ending up needing a higher dose and getting a lower effect every time you use them. Thus you will make your body weaker because it wouldn't need to do anything itself to fight back these issues.⁣

    ⁣ On the contrary, if you choose the efficient way you will give your body the chance of growing stronger, because it will attack the problems from their roots, making it develop its defense mechanisms and keeping itself healthy since the issues won't have the opportunity to expand as their roots would be removed.⁣
  3. And what do you propose? Yeah I know , "PM me and we can consult".
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    It depends, not every case has the same roots, so what may work for someone may not work for someone different.
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    Let me tell you anything about decisions...⁣

    Decisions are found on a daily basis, anytime we have to choose something we are taking a decision, even if you choose not to do something you've already taken a decision.⁣

    What happens if you decide to ignore taking a decision?⁣

    The answer is that the decision will take you. ⁣

    What do I mean by this?⁣

    It's simple, everything in life is a decision making and it doesn't matter if you don't want to choose between the possible options, because no matter what, one of the options will happen whether you like it or not.⁣

    When you have a problem you have the option to work on it and solve it or leave it by itself, which means that it'll grow, because problems don't disappear with time, they grow bigger.⁣

    What will happen if you find yourself having sex issues and don't do anything to overcome them? They will stay and worsen themselves until the time you take action and work to beat them, but the more you wait the worse they'll get and the more harmful they'll become, affecting not only your sex performance but also your entire life.⁣

    Every time you'll try to get intimate you'll find yourself unable to perform, which will lead to stop seeking sex due to the fear of not being able to have intercourse.⁣

    If you are in a relationship, it will bring arguments with your partner, which can end up with you both breaking up.⁣

    If you are single, it will make you afraid of looking for new possible partners and rejecting every kind of contact with others.⁣

    Both situations will make you grow fears and keep you away from interact with others.⁣
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    [​IMG]Maca root.⁣

    If you believe what I've just written...⁣

    It means you have NO IDEA about how nutrition can help your erections.⁣

    Because the change doesn't start by adding some supplements but quitting what is harming you.⁣

    Many people think that adding supplements will make them get stronger erections, but if you don't stop doing/eating what is giving you issues, it doesn't matter how many different supplements you take, because your problem will stay.
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    One of the biggest reasons why many relationships are unpleasant is premature ejaculation.⁣

    This condition affects many men, don't worry, you are not the only one.⁣

    Usually, a man suffering from premature ejaculation is disconnected from his body.⁣

    To please your partner you need to connect with the person.⁣

    For that, you have to connect with your body and yourself.⁣

    Overcoming premature ejaculation is as easy as controlling your sex energy to hold longer your climax.⁣
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    What I find really refreshing about these posts, Pedro, is that not only do you provide deep insights, but practical solutions as well.

    If I want to find myself deeper down this rather primitive sales funnel, what value-added products might I discover, and at what prices?
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    As you said, I do provide practical solutions, but without knowing what your case is, I wouldn't be able to tell if I'm capable of helping you or not, so if you fill me in with some background of your problem, we could see where it goes.
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    can you give me some tips to restore erection?
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    have you heard about the pelvic floor problem? how can you solve this problem? does anyone here practice kegel exercises?
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    Yeah i have and it made a massive difference to being able to holding an erection as well as leaning how to leave my mind and putting my attention into my body.
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    what additional information can you give on this topic? is it necessary to follow a diet?
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    Can I have sex while doing kegel training?

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