I want to experience real sex pleasure

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Luffy, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. time2stop

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    It looks like you are figuring out your triggers, what works, and what leads to relapse. Keep up the good work and keep learning from your relapses.
  2. JustMe

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    When you feel the urge, struggle against it for as long as you can. Jump up and down, scream and shout, have a cold shower, go for a run... even if you give in, the act of trying to fight it will make you stronger the next time you feel the urge. Eventually your will will be greater than those inbuilt desires. Keep on going!
  3. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    in in my home, after my work, lonely, i miss something thats in my mind. Im bored, nothing to done. Nothing to be happy about. Im think im just a shadow just living.
    Thats why,
    i watch an anime movie, thinking that ist just a safe for me, but after that beauty character in sexy suit, sexy body. Whats coming in my mind, i what to watch hentai. I want an erotic anime.

    Thanks to slow internet connection, i cannot download completely, just a quarter of it, then i delete coz its long wait. After that i think im back to my target.
    "No more watching movie, news only. But its very hard not to watch. Ist just day 1, and its hard.
    Ill focus in reality, movie is just fiction, a happy ending always, its not reality, and i living to a fantasy story of it. The character always beatiful, not going to old.

    Today i watch a reality, news, documentary, i want to live a real life, not a fantasy life.
  4. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    another relapse, im in day 4.
    I went in another city, then some porn that i watch in the past come to my mind. Its very strong that i want to watch porn, all day my mind is that porn and never go away. Its never go away the thinking to watch. Thats im in a hurry going home, when im arrive at home, download quick, 2 movies, then all night pmo. After that, back again to No pmo.

    Today is Day 1 again.
  5. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    relapse again. At day 7

    So start again to Day 1
  6. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    yes im in Day 14 now

    No erection, slugish.

    I just tell in my mind, what do i choose Porn or Real woman? Just pick one only. You take one and loose one..

    Just after an hour.
    My thought is this!
    I just read my first post of my thread to the last post of it. I had many post. I read it. Its almost 1 year of posting and not able to succed. But i think, the good thing is, must do before posting again is to read all your post before posting again and i learn the thing why i relapse. I will try to summarize the cause of why i relapse...

    Maybe the strong quote for me is.
    "what will i choose, porn or real woman. The answer is One only. You get one and loose one"

    Porn = its not real, its bad for you. Make you out of real world. You just like hypnotized, a zombiee,

    Real woman= its real, its good for you.

    This is the summary, why i relapse.
    1. Youtube
    2. Facebook
    3. Dvd in the closet
    4. Porn stored in hardrive.
    5. Movies
    6. Animation
    7. Magazine.
    8. Picture
    9. Thinking nude woman
    10. Nothing to do in front of computer.

    The list in here are not bad, and the main cause is you see a "Woman" in that and having a Crush with her but she will not react to you.
    "So i will not see a woman, in video and picture, even drawing. "

    and about thinking sexy woman, ill just shift my mind in other thing like reading.

    Youtube, facebook, movie, tv gives you pleasure, time to be hungry for this.
  7. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    And what you gain when you watching youtube, movie, can it increase your knowlege, or just pleasure only.

    I"ll learn when i watch an anime, "dragon ball, naruto, one piece, fairy tail" their same in having a friends and socializing. And if you wanna be happy just like them, make many friends.

    I realize its good to be socializing, have a many friends. Thats i think to be happy for real, not a fantasy friends in facebook that you cannot meet in person.

    The effect of porn video a zombiee, you don't notice "time passed" very long, i didn't know im old now. Its just like a month in thingking im 18 year old and now im 33 year. mistake in porn viewing so many time lost for porn.
    And think about it, see the face of your father and mother for 5 minutes, focus your eye in their eyes, nose, lips,, you din't notice they are very old now. Then compare that face of your father and mother the picture of them in your memory, in your mind. See the difference. My father is old now, i din't notice.
  8. Kyle

    Kyle New Member

    Get rid of the early steps to relasping. Delete your youtube and facebook accounts and block the pages with K9. Get rid of your porn DVDs and the porn on your hard drive. That would knock out steps 1-4 right there.
  9. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    17 -days
    my mind tells "you miss it", im lonely, im bored,

    just the time a will download a porn movie, i must first see its thumbnail preview, then i see the picture preview, its getting slight hard down there, so i stop, the effect of porn is so great. And i save my 17 days. I cancel my download.
    And porn is not getting away in my mind. So hard, the thing is "you miss it, its free, too many woman, nude, beautiful, sexy, you cannot have it in real life".
    Today is very hard day, thinking porn can't erase in my mind.
  10. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    day 18

    This day is very long for me.
    I felt lonely. So lonely. Its like i don't feel like living. Im alive cause im breathing. Thats my life for me.
    Living to eat, work, sleep. I have nothing to do, just working for the rest of my life.
  11. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    Relapse at Day 22

    My Urge is Very Strong, because i feel loneliness the whole week.

    Today i Reset it

    Day 0
  12. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    July 31, 2013

    Again I relapse!
    PMO again this morning, lonelines is my enemy. Feel im miss it forever.

    But no Satisfaction but more loneliness.

    This time i will for sure.

    No PMO Forever

    Today is
    Day 0
  13. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    Relapse Again,
    I cannot control watching, im easily tempted.

    Day 1 Again on August 8, 2013.
  14. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    day 18
    relapse again, watch porn again, back to my habit, the reason im bored and miss porn the new update,

    August 26, 2013 is Day 0
  15. FUCK that. Nothing to do with your life? You are on here sharing and helping other people get through this. That in itself is a worthy accomplishment. Everyday help someone. Boom there's two things to do with your life. Everyday learn a new fact. Wham! Three things. Learn how to tie a cool knot, go fishing, learn guitar, read a book, volunteer. You can do it man, life is more then work and it's my biggest pet peeve when people say that. Go out and live!
  16. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    Again on Day 1
    pmo again.

    i can't control, i'm easy tempted.
    I put my computer in the stock room.
    I will not use it until i am reboot.
  17. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    again another relapse.

    Reboot again.

    October 10, 2013
  18. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    Again relapse again.
    I managed day 22,
    now back to 0 again. At

    Goal have a wife. No porn.
    DECEMBER 13, 2013 try again. Day 0
  19. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    another relapse, the coz i have nothing to do in computer, and watching movie and sex scene, trigger me. I not lose hope. This time no more. Promise.

    December 19, 2013
    Is day 0
    Start Again!!! No pmo.
  20. Luffy

    Luffy Member

    relapse again.


    1. Because, i watch a sport a ufc, the round girl arianny celeste is so sexy, i search for her in google to see other picture of her. Im curios that she modeled in Playboy, then download it.
    2. One day my internet connection become fast, no buffering in video, so fast that i want to use it, but im nothing to do what to do, in whooala, im thingking download and watch porn, i wanna see an update, i don't wanna miss the new.

    Then its beautiful woman that i see.. The cause.

    "You want it, because you see it"

    1. Beautiful girl
    2. Toy
    3. Car
    4. House
    5. Gadgets
    6. Clothes

    Try to not see a woman for now in media.
    Prefer to see a real woman.

    Dec. 20, 2013
    Day 1
    Start again.

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