I stopped using internet for few months

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by cikatomo, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. cikatomo

    cikatomo New Member

    There was a time, couple of years ago, when I didn't have internet in apartment, I also didn't have TV. So, except on work checking email, I didn't use internet for about 2 months I think. I was reading and hanging out with friends.

    What was interesting and expected, I become much more calmer in mind, energized in body, horny and overall clear minded and feeling smarter, just better in every way. I don't mean that in some shallow "The secret" kind a way, but much deeper sense. I always suspected that computers and especially internet messes up with your brain, just like porn. Something's not right here. If they don't mess up with your brain, at least they are distracts you from things that are maybe more important and somehow "essential" to your brain.

    I didn't do it again, and since I never find anyone who has done the same, I am wondering, if anyone done that and noticed similar effects?
  2. DrSwole

    DrSwole New Member

    I haven't, since my work depends on it, but I know that some professor at Upenn has a class where his students have to take a day off of all electronics- everything. most people fail a few times and its for most people its mindblowing.

    I am really trying to ratchet down computer and internet usage though.

    I am wondering, do ebook readers like ipads (for reading, not anything else), have the same effect?
  3. Darknut

    Darknut If I could only be more human

    I went without internet for my whole final year of high school. It was awesome. It's crept back in over the following years and I've been trying to keep away from it ever since but it keeps sucking me back in
  4. xravenousx

    xravenousx New Member

    Nearly impossible challenge for me. But sounds interesting and promising indeed.
    I MIGHT give it a try if I become a lumberjack in Canada, living in a wooden cabin ;)
  5. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    Every year during Lent I take one week off from all media (it didn't help that the Pope was chosen during that week this year). I'm now trying to figure out a schedule for media and social media. I'm thinking about an hour or so on Sundays to check friends profiles. One side effect is that I'm more social with people that are around me instead of the internet. Does anyone have a media schedule (tv, internet, phone, games, etc.)?
  6. kopp

    kopp Member

    I don't but this is a really good idea. Allow yourself to go on facebook and stuff only on friday mornings, for exemple.
  7. AWSmith

    AWSmith foo

    There are some really good programs out there that can limit access just like you are describing. The ones that will work the way you want will cost money and require you to get it setup just right, then change the password to something huge and long and random that you will never remember.

    The PROBLEM with that is the same as the problem with checking yourself into a hospital for a week to 'make yourself' quit smoking. There's a reason such addiction programs for smoking cessation don't exist. They don't work. You have to want to change.

    Equally a problem is the thing I used to do. I used to delete my usenet reader everytime I finished my PMO session. I got... so good ... at reinstalling it and signing into my ISPs usenet server that I could re-install in about 3 minutes. I didn't want to change then.

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