I quit facebook!

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by ppycat, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. ppycat

    ppycat Guest

    I did it... Let's see how it goes :)
  2. boston

    boston New Member

    The first few weeks will be hard, but eventually you'll realize that the friends you still have are your real friends. Most FB friendships are so people can feel good about a large friends count.
  3. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    Quit it over six months ago and would be lying if I said I didn't miss it from time to time because I moved halfway across the country from family/friends but a big portion of Facebook is BS and I gladly do without.
  4. ppycat

    ppycat Guest

    it didn't do anything to me yet, as if I never had it. no desire to peek or something. but who knows, when I'm in a "flatline" hahaha.
  5. geddonjones

    geddonjones Machete don't text.

    well done, I deleted mine a few months back, lasted a month and ended up crawling back, I've got no idea why though. Its the death of sociability.
  6. ppycat

    ppycat Guest

    same thoughts here. if people successfully socialized before the facebook age, why wouldn't it be possible now?

    second day, still no cravings at all, despite thinking about it.
  7. Orbiter888

    Orbiter888 Member

    Congrats ppycat. I've felt for ages that Facebook and most modern social networking sites & apps not only put a barrier between yourself and the rest of the world but also in a very real way warp how people relate to themselves & eachother in 'real life'. They're also unbelievable time-wasters.

    I deleted my Facebook account back in mid-September this year and i've never looked back. Give it a couple of weeks i'd say and you'll have got used to living without it.
  8. AAA

    AAA New Member

    I deactivated my account around the end of September and I feel its had a positive effect on my life. I was afraid I'd feel I was missing out on stuff, but I don't feel that way at all. It's cut out a lot of junk, and I hear all the important things from my friends when I see them anyways. It is inconvenient not having it at times, there's been people I wanted to contact that I couldn't because I didn't have other contact info. And my sports teams that I'm on communicate on Facebook groups, which makes it tough to stay in the loop. Overall though, I'm not tempted to go back any time soon.
  9. I tried doing it too , but many groups that I am in post only inside that fb group
  10. sukkee

    sukkee I dont want to rot in Hell!

    Me too!!!

    just 4 days ago. Pray me the best!
  11. ppycat

    ppycat Guest

    it's not that bad... I completely stopped thinking about it, even when friends are facebooking around :p. I should've get rid of it earlier.
  12. PhoenixRebirth

    PhoenixRebirth #GODMODE

    Deactivated my account a couple days ago which iv'e done before & always reactivated. This time it's for good unless I really really need to get someones contact info which should be no time soon.

    I've spent countless hours just roaming facebook searching for who knows what but it no longer interest me. 1,000 something friends only about 10 REAL ONES so something didn't add up. I no longer care for the drama on there or having a telescope into peoples lives who feel they always have to post something to feel validated.

    I also can do without the random sick porn just popping up on my news feed as im trying to recover :p
  13. aloopinfiasco

    aloopinfiasco New Member

    I've never even had facebook. All I can say, is that it's quite liberating to be carefree about other's social lives while everyone around you is indulging in it instead of living their lives. I do like the memes and vines I see my friends checking on their walls though lol.
  14. stretcher

    stretcher New Member

    The second week after getting rid of mine was the hardest. That's why Facebook gives you two weeks to repent and reactivate your account. That was six months ago and I haven't missed it since. Getting rid of it is a great decision.
  15. I left it and came back left it and came back.
    its goin the ways of myspace if you ask me..people will get tired of it eventually.
  16. SelfControl2013

    SelfControl2013 "Infinite patience produces Immediate results"

    congrats, I know the feeling,

    I use it 10 min per day, then block access for 24 hours using a non reversible blocker works amazing
  17. I "quit" Facebook.
    I didn't delete my account, but I have not logged in for the past 3 months.
    I subscribed the birthdays to my ical so I don't have to worry about missing others' birthday.
    I feel that I have more brain power & space for new knowledge and the compulsion to check on updates has completely disappeared.

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