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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Ryder Kraken, May 20, 2018.

  1. Ryder Kraken

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    So I read a post here about erectile dysfunction and porn addiction and realized that i need this. I've never opened up to anyone about this, but here goes.
    I'm currently 22, and I've been watching porn since I was maybe 12-13, same time as I've been jerking off. Initially, it was vanilla, and oral, but then it started getting more of BDSM and humiliation, and since 16, I've been watching nothing but cuck and sissification porn. I find myself turned on by the thought of forced bi or being forced to lick someone else's cum off my girlfriend. I have had a few girlfriends, and I had zero issues in the bedroom but nevertheless, I jerk off to cuck porn a least 2-3 times a day. I'm worried because I feel this is unhealthy and I've always been a slightly jealous/possessive boyfriend (not enough to cause issues though) and I feel like this will make thos feelings worse. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. DoneAtLast

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    Yeah, you definitely need to quit porn and have much to gain in life by getting away from it. Read through here, do your homework, realize that you're a victim of the constant escalation phenomenon, and keep at it. Know that the real you has been obscured so deeply by porn that the recovered version of Ryder Kraken on this day, May 20, would be unrecognizable to you. But, realize that he's an incredible person and one you desperately need to become. You can do it, but it takes time and work.
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    Educate yourself on the effects of porn.
    Don't blame yourself and get disheartened.
    Start recovering and rewiring. You're weren't like this from birth you can overcome it.

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