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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by John R, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. John R

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    I am 56 years old and a Christian who is sick and tired of spending anytime looking at and masturbating to porn. I started off with a fetish for ladies in pantyhose when I was a teenager. Sneaking in my brothers bedroom and looking at his magazines started my porn habit. I will share more later. I need to speak with someone, preferably middle aged, that can somewhat relate. I am very serious about quitting porn and masturbation. I am also married to a beautiful woman that does not approve of or understand my addiction. If I don't get control of this problem now, I am positive that I will lose everything. I'm desperate for help.
  2. CJJackson

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    Hey buddy welcome to the forum. I’m 22 and about a year ago I decided to try and do something to kick this addiction. It seems very difficult at first but I promise you it gets better the longer you go. I went from watching porn 2-3 times day every day for years and years too just about 30 times total in the last 14 months. So as you can see I’ve made progress but still have some ways to go. Be proud for coming on here and trying to better your life and feel free to message me whenever you’d like good luck on your recovery!

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