I need a hobby/something to do

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by dig deep, May 26, 2014.

  1. dig deep

    dig deep must stop wasting my life on porn

    to keep away from porn we need to keep busy so we need a hobby something to do but what if you dont have a hobby any ideas

    i like computer games
    long walks

    anyone got any other ideas
  2. evgtrees

    evgtrees Member

    See this thread. It will explain everything.
  3. picats3141

    picats3141 Active Member

    Try learning how to program if you like computer games. It's rewarding if you get good at it.

    Also, other hobbies of mine (nerdy but idc):

    1. Kite-flying
    2. Paper-airplane-making
    3. Origami
    4. Playing violin (could be any instrument though.)
  4. FreedomSeaker

    FreedomSeaker Member

    A hobby combined with people is a good call. There's a lot of online meetup groups with common interests. If you like long walks, you could probably join a hiking group. Bicycling my be up your alley too. There's charitable meetup groups too where you go and volunteer to help some people in need. Cooking, take a new class somewhere, reading, learn a new language...
  5. If we add those all together and extend a little bit, I think you would like hiking, volunteering at a nature center, paintball or biking.
  6. sunbeam

    sunbeam Member

    - bicycling
    - going swimming in the lake
    - sauna
    - going to outdoor festivals and staying a few days offline
    - cooking healthy meals
  7. sunbeam

    sunbeam Member

    Last weekend i was at a Psychedelic Trance/Goa Open Air.
    I made a lot of new friends and shot a lot of funny pictures of girls dancing in bikinis.
    I know, this is dangerous, i could shot my own trigger material.
    When i sorted this pictures and put them online for the others, it was not triggering me.
    My brain is so saturated with reality at the moment that it is not interested in other stimuli.
    But i have still to be careful of course.
  8. Brit_91_kd

    Brit_91_kd Member

    Get a job.. Get two even, one for 9-5 and a night one, least you will be away from a computer/laptop and your mind will be somewhere else part from porn.. That what I'm currently looking to do.
  9. joeygc

    joeygc Member

    working 2 jobs would damn near kill me I can barely survive having one! ;D

    In terms of hobbies, I like to read, listen to music, play/write/record music, cycle, play video games and tinker with computer hardware. Then of course, there's going out with mates. Gigs, festivals, the pub, the park - whatever's on really :)
  10. Andress

    Andress New Member

    I started doing cardio.It makes you feel better emotionally and improves your health.
    Anyway i only start feeling better if i do at least 40 minutes of intense cycling.I bought a stationary bike.
  11. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    Really you dont know what to do? I dont know what not to do?

    - learning to program (you like videogames so you could try to make one)
    - Reading
    - writing maybe fiction or blog
    - drawing
    - learning to play an instrument and music theory
    - writing songs
    - running
    - bodyweight trening or fitness
    - playing sports
  12. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    Just a friendly advice stay away from those people they will fuck you up more than porn.
  13. whiterayn

    whiterayn New Member

    Joining clubs for things like running, cycling, swimming, dancing would be great for filling time positively and meeting people. I feel it is impossible to really do things you love because when you feel you are just doing something to fill time it can bring you down again. Try and do something in as many categories as possible out of physical/mental exercise, sport, craft/creative, social, solitary, learning, teaching etc.

    I find as I reboot that my tastes in hobbys are changing. I used to enjoy mostly solitary habits like gardening, walking, cycling. Now though I am just really not enjoying being alone. This could be seen as a bad thing, I should be able to be happy on my own, and largely I am. For me though I see it as great that I am wanting to be around people a lot more now. Have been playing football again with mates, loving just going out into town and walking around among people. Have little interest in walking or gardening now, so reducing the amount of gardening jobs I do because it just gives me too much time to think. My main hobby these days is thinking about how to improve myself so that I am more of a catch for my future relationships. This is a great leap from a few years back when I was so stubborn I just thought people should just like me for me without me having to put in effort to become a better person.
  14. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    I really like long distance running. It's healthy, good for the brain, and you can't beat that runner's high. :D
  15. steve2006

    steve2006 No Ragrats

    going to the gym every morning and playing sports are my personal faves. Check meetup.com to find activities in your area.
  16. sunbeam

    sunbeam Member

    No they don't. These people have their problems like we too. And one needs to know that
    drugs don't solve any problems. It was not my first goa (which was 2012) and such gatherings give me a lot of energy.
  17. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    As you want. I ve been to a couple of Psych Trance parties and in my experience a long term relationship with those people and parties leads only to a miserable life. I didn't experience it myself a lot, but I saw other people even my friends. Sure its awesome, but long term, even without drugs is downgrading.
  18. sunbeam

    sunbeam Member

    Why do you think? I like the open-minded society, the hippies, the fun, the nudity.
    It is only a part of my life. Sure there are a lot of people that have no life and can only feel
    good with ecstasy, lsd, speed and weed. They have the same problem like we porn addicts, to get out of this mess. It made me feel very good to find out the people that are worth it to spend time with them and exchanged their numbers.
  19. Primetime

    Primetime New Member

    Seconded. Sure there are some good people walking around there. But most of them.. god damn.
  20. whiterayn

    whiterayn New Member

    This guy has some good info on hobbies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1xjcyyuDM0

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