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    Hi guys, i knew i needed to put something down, but this is the only place i can coe without the fear of thot that i may expose myself to my wife. I ma married with 2kids and a good wife. My sex life is still okay...i dont have any erectile or sexual challenge, if its time for sex i get a good erection and my wife is satisfied. But this crazy bad habit is still there and had been there for over 10yrs now. many times i feel i have enof reasons to stop it or not to think about it but i stil ignore it.

    As a Born again christian, the Holy Spirit conviction is there and the still small voice telling me not to watch porn but the flesh seems to overpower my spirit, oh i have prayed and fasted ...i just know PMO is wrong and its sin...infacts its even sin knowing the right thing to do and not doing it.

    Any serious Born again here who can chat me up?

    So i have relapsed 6times this year. i dont do it everyday, i am not a chronic addict like those that PMO everyday or even twice a day, for me it could be once or twice in a week or 2weeks.

    Usually triggered or caused by depression, lack of money or when my wife just thinks i am such a useless or immatured husband maybe wen i failed in one responsibility. How long will i continue to live like this? how long will i continue to allow this to control me? how long will i continue to sin and thinking grace will work for me? How long will i continue to damn the consequences of watching porn and masturbating?

    I am a web designer so i am always online, i cant just cut off internet, its the only way i know to get a few cash here and there.

    I need an accountability partner in Nigeria. I Pray and hope some day i will over this evil habit. but right now i am just living one day at a time , depressed and worried and hoping God still hears my prayers a few times i pray.

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