I just decided to quit League of Legends

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Just A Name, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Just A Name

    Just A Name New Member

    I just realized the videogame League of Legends is a huge negative influence in my life, because it's addicting.
    Here's the jist of it:

    -League of Legends is a free to play game that's very similar do DoTa.
    -The game is very hard to learn, and very competitive in nature. It requires a long time investment to be able to play at your fullest, since it is very skill dependent. It also requires a long daily time intake. You need at least 2 daily games to "get in the groove".
    -I've noticed numerous features about the game that are purposefully made to be addicting:
    -EVERYTHING in the game needs to be unlocked, either through paying money, or by grinding in-game currency, requiring again, more time.
    -The game's matchmaking is dubious: You get in a team with 4 other random people and are expected to work together. The game requires a lot of teamwork, which is pretty hard to accomplish with strangers on the internet.
    -Your own performance is judged according to your team. If you play good, but your teammates play bad, the game interprets this as you also playing bad.
    -Because of this, the community is INCREDIBLY hostile and eager to get upset, me included.
    -After much thought, I've decided that I'm not willing to put in the necessary time to get good at the game, because it's simply not worth it to me.
    -After watching some matches , I can't help but notice that EVERY professional League of Legend player is an antisocial nerd with little social skills. Seeing as those people DO have the necessary time to get good at the game, I asked myself: IS THAT how I want to end up?

    The answer is no.
    So from this day on, I'm done with this game.
  2. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    Good decision.

    I used to be a game addicted player aswell. I've quit them on by one.. What might suprise you is that how much free time you'll have now and you won't even know at first what to do it with it.. ;)
  3. BreakingIntoReality

    BreakingIntoReality New Member

    Not only are they antisocial, but if you really pay attention to their mental states over long periods of time (I've watched professional streamers for days, weeks) they are far more bored, upset, miserable, and just all around unhappy while playing the game. It's rare that they actually have fun. And It's rare that anyone has fun playing the damned game. It's really not a fun game. It's interesting, challenging perhaps, but miserable.

    And the whole Esport side of it is a joke. The tournaments are jokes. 1/10 of the champs are used, It's imbalanced and increasingly boring to watch. The "pro" players make their money from streaming and sponsors, not Esports itself. And like I said, they're not happy campers while they grind solo que for useless Elo to the sadistic delight of their viewers. Reginald himself, the most tournament/financially successful player in LoL, just retired. If that isn't proof the competitive side of it is a joke, nothing else is.

    So the game is an exercise in self-aggravation, with no reward for playing, and not even a pretense of being a profession. Fuck that pile of shit for wasting so much of my time.

    Good decision OP. Uninstall that shit and never look back. Scramble your login PW, or give away your account outright. You and me buddy, we have to find better ways to spend our time now!
  4. BreakingIntoReality

    BreakingIntoReality New Member

    You should watch this Video OP, and anyone interested in why games like LoL (or any for that matter) aren't fun. Presentation by a game Dev talking about how games should be fun, and not just addictive. He's remarkably candid and reasonably critical of his own industry:

  5. StopThePorno

    StopThePorno S₮O₱ ₱OṘ₦

    I was addicted to Runescape in my elementary days. That coupled with masturbating to porn, dammit. Fuck. I haven't been playing online games since at least two years ago.
  6. Just A Name

    Just A Name New Member

    It's been almost 1 month, and I didn't have any urge to go back to League of Legends .

    In fact, I've been losing interest in a lot of other video games too.
    The reasoning for this is me forcing myself to try the things I want to do in life. I've been wanting to be a graphics designer for 2 years, but after checking out some websites, I became discouraged with the quality of work that some people put out, and thought I shouldn't bother.
    About a week ago, I finally decided to put this self sabotaging belief behind me, and just try and work something out, no matter how bad it looks, or how long it takes. The results surprised even me. Since then, I'd much rather push my limits and constantly try to make interesting graphical stuff than play games.
  7. BreakingIntoReality

    BreakingIntoReality New Member

    That's really great! I've been doing a lot better after quitting videogames too. They really are a time leech and theres a lot better stuff you can do with your time and energy (which are very valuable commodities, that you take for granted while gaming).
  8. wowregister

    wowregister New Member

    Good on you mate, I wish I could do the same, I'm slowly moving away from MMO's however I'm trying to figure out what to do in my past time.
  9. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    Video games kinda lost their magic to me.

    I play League of Legends very occasionaly, though. Used to be a hardcore player but not anymore. It became more stressing than fun, so I ditched it for months and now I only play it on my spare time for no longer than 1 hour a day and not every day.
  10. InsideOut

    InsideOut Guest

    In my teens I played games like a junkie shoots his heroin. I simply had no other activities aside, which made me able to do required amount of homework extremely fast to get back to my beloved gaming. And I simultaneously fapped a lot, of course. That lifestyle lasted for almost a decade.

    Now I play occasionally and don't have that attraction to a games. But when I do play, it's often done in short but intense bursts, a few days of gaming oblivion and then a couple of months of complete not touching them at all. I guess, a more balanced pace will be good.
  11. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    Been there. There's this MMO in which I have a playtime of over 1000 days. This game, along with PMO, ate away my twenties. It drained me of any happiness, motivation, and dreams.

    Like others, my interest in gaming has nearly vanished. I think, if I hadn't got addicted to MMOs, I may have been able to enjoy videogames still. The only time I play is when I'm with friends, and most of the time I just watch.
  12. BreakingIntoReality

    BreakingIntoReality New Member

    "Gaming oblivion".

    Apt. I feel the same way. We should take the hint I think.
  13. Just A Name

    Just A Name New Member

    Got into the Dota 2 beta, and I've been playing nothing but bot games since I done it.

    It's soo much better this way. None of the stupid grinding for in-game money crap.
    Since I'm playing with the computer, I always know that all my opponents have the same skill level, so I'm never getting upset.
    Since I don't play competitively , I never have that "one more game" feeling.
    I never have the desire to binge, or to try and learn everything.
    I can play as few games as I want, without having to worry about earning in-game money, getting worse at the game, etc.

    Basically I play 1 Dota game a day versus the bots, and I never have the desire to play more because the game lacks those awful Skinner-box methods of getting you addicted.

    Also playing some nostalgic games from my past, so I never feel the urge to play them more to finish them faster, since I already finished them once, and now I'm simply re-playing them for nostalgic value.
  14. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    Out of sheer curiosity, would you mind telling which MMO is this that you spent 1000+ days?

    Don't worry about triggering me into it. I'm out of the gaming issue.
  15. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    It was FFXI. The constant need to improve was what got me hooked. By the time I reached the top, I was empty inside. And because I didn't want to interract with the real world at this point, I chose to keep playing to escape reality.
  16. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    Never would have guessed. Thought it was WoW or someting like that.

    But 1000 days, geez... that was some serious addiction. Good thing you jumped out of it.

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