I have never ejaculated while wearing a condom, PLS HELP!

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Usain, Jan 3, 2019.

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    The obstensibly pro-circumcision comment makes my blood boil. You are in serious denial if you don't consider this as a factor. That said, there is also a big psychological component. I had trouble ejaculating the first couple times I had sex. Now I can go for as long or as short of a time as I want before ejaculating, total control. The OP said that he hadn't been with many women and/or not with the same one for very long. I wouldn't read to much into the delayed ejaculation. There is a possible reason that is very obvious: On some level, you are thinking "Do I really like this woman that much? Am I comfortable with the idea that I could have children with her?" When I started having sex, I had to tell myself "just relax, this is a good thing, nothing bad is going to happen". Of course having sex without a condom is much better, but your problem is probably mostly just a comfort thing.
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    Morning guys,

    You won’t be believe it, IM ALMOST A MONTH in on my hard reboot.

    I started on the 30th of January, tho I relapsed on the 8th of February which makes 10days. I didn’t let it kill my spirit. I saw it as just a mere relapse that’s bound to happen since Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    I continued my counting and it seemed like the relapse on the 8th really changed this. I’ve not had any strong desire to watch porn at all. My “Porn is not an Option” mindset is strong asf now. I never really thought I’d be able to go this far anytime soon. I’m really glad guys and I hope and pray to keep this up. Pls anymore advice to see me through is appreciated
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    I'd encourage you to pursue the things you value in your life.
    My porn addiction has made me numb and disinterested in normal hobbies and values. I've neglected social and romantic relationships because of it. Reach out to people, not necessarily about your addiction, but just to engage your world more. This strengthens your values, as well as occupies your time and attention.
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    Greetings to you too sir!

    Missed your comment, as I proceeded to unsubscribe from this thread.
    That is because people often post to only hear the sound of their own voice, and thus I can only share my successful experiences but not advice ;)
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    The Good thing here is that you made your point and shared your opinion. Somebody somewhere might find this information very useful.
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    Currently on Day-27 ‍♀️
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    Hello guys,
    Just wanna keep y’all posted. I’m currently on day-34 of my reboot. All this seems like a dream come through.

    I had sex last night and in less than 7mins I ejaculated while wearing a condom. I was really surprised cause this has never happened before, I mean that’s the reason why I made this thread in the first place. Abstinence frm PMO for over 30 days has fixed this in my opinion.

    With the amount of progress I’ve made so far, I’m never going back to PMO again. My willpower to stop is soo strong now. I’m experiencing a lil bit of body weakness tho like I usually do when I ejaculate while Masturbating to porn. But I’m sure it ll get better over time. Keep on trucking guys
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