I have never ejaculated while wearing a condom, PLS HELP!

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Usain, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Usain

    Usain New Member

    I’m 21 years old now and I really really wanna quit. I wanna live my life like a normal young adult. Porn is gradually damaging me and it’s getting harder to quit that I wanna cry sometimes. I’m quiet religious and I knw God has helped me at different times. It’s so bad that I do it at home, at work, anywhere I can just get a lil bit of privacy. I even did it in the airport toilet once. I realized I mostly do this when I’m really stressed up and frustrated. I mostly don’t MO more than once in a day and I don’t do it consequentively. I’m always relapsing after 2-3/4 days, sometimes a week. The most I’ve gone is 17days without PMO and I was soo glad I really thought that’s was it mehn. Until I became stressed and frustrated and I relapsed again. Was soo dissapointed in my self.

    I lost my virginity at the age of 18. Which I wish I didn’t sometimes cause it has made me horny and craving sex alot. I don’t have a stable girlfriend and I think I’ve had sex like 10-12times over the past 4 years since I lost my virginity. Not having constant sex is also one of the reasons that contributed to my masturbation Habits. I get sexually frustrated a lot and since good PMO is always there, I don’t think too much before I engage myself.

    I started MO before I eventually had sex for the first time. And unlike normal virgins, I didn’t Ejaculate with a condom on but I was able to last for a longtime. In other words, I had “Delayed Ejaculation” which I didn’t pay attention to at first. Till date I still can’t Orgasm with a condom on, It has never happened. The minute I remove the condom, I ejaculate in a minute or 2. I can’t go around having unprotected sex. Pls help me guys, how can I solve this issue, I’m really bothered. How can I rewire my brain to be able to orgasm with a condom on like normal people.
  2. Mordobarn

    Mordobarn New Member

    The PMO has desensitised your penis, among other things.

    You are still young, which counts in your favour.

    You have no choice but to go properly no fap.

    Start with a 90-day hard reboot, which means no porn, no masturbation, no sex, no orgasm.

    Delete your entire porn stash. Seriously, do it now, unless you you'd like to have this problem and much worse for the rest of your life.

    Once you've deleted the porn, install porn blockers on your phone and computer.

    When you've done the 90-day hard reboot, give yourself permission to have sex and orgasm. But no porn, no masturbation. Seriously. None.

    Unless, of course, you want to relapse into your old habits and get delayed ejaculation, PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction), depression, etc.
  3. Usain

    Usain New Member

    Thanks bro, noted
  4. Usain

    Usain New Member

    I’m a week in on my hard reboot now.
  5. Mordobarn

    Mordobarn New Member

    Congrats. Keep going!
  6. Usain

    Usain New Member

    Guys I’m making real progress, I’ve been soo busy with my life and focused on my goals. I no longer see PMO as a means of reliving stress but rather as depression and body pain. Hopefully I can go a month and more. I even lost track of what date I’m on now as evidence that I don’t think about it anymore.

    I’ve been getting horny lately and I don’t have a girlfriend or anyone I can having anything intimate with for now. But I’m calm, life isn’t always about sex or orgasm. I feel we need breaks occasionally and this is my break. Anyone that knws any other way I can make more progress and deal with all this, I ll appreciate thanks
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  7. Mordobarn

    Mordobarn New Member

    Well done, Usain, that's fantastic progress!

    If you do hit a rough spot (life throws us problems now and then), just remember how much better you do with no-PMO, and keep going!
  8. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Ya bro reducing porn use will help TONS, but also are you circumcised?
  9. Usain

    Usain New Member

    Yes I am, the problem comes frm me having masturbated a lot of times before eventually having sex in my opinion. I hope to turn things around
  10. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Ya well life isn't black a white, this is gonna play a role as well.
    Not giving advice here just sharing my experience, I've done a bit of foreskin restoration and find it much easier to ejaculate with a condom on, and also in oral.
    You can do whatever you want with this knowledge.
  11. Mordobarn

    Mordobarn New Member

    I'm circumcised, and never had any problem with a condom — until excessive PMO. It's nothing to do with circumcision, otherwise the medical literature would be filled with information on this.

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