I have just been scammed

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    TLDR: I have been scammed for $50,000 and I have never wanted to watch p more than any point in my life

    Over the past 2 months, my friend from China has been persistent about wanting to help me make some money. I met the guy in Shanghai 5 years ago an and we hit it off quite well. There is no reason to believe that he had any ill intentions because we have been in constant communication and discussed countless topics over the years.

    However, things changed a few months ago when he showed me his new app. I was curious because who wouldn't like a little extra cash. So I downloaded the app and followed his instructions with $100. The steps were easy to follow:
    1. Purchase bitcoin from on online wallet
    2. Contact the customer service on the app for an address to send the bitcoin so they can load it on to my account
    3. Trade the bitcoin on the platform
    4. Transfer funds I earned back into my bitcoin wallet
    5. Into my account bank account

    To my surprise, I was able to earn a few hundred dollars from the process. So I decided to buy 500 in bitcoin. With that investment, I was able to earn $900. I saw what my friend was talking about. It was a slow way to incrementally make some money.

    A few weeks in, he starts to say that we might be able to do better if we invest a little more. This is where I pull out the big gun. I say I can invest 5000. He said that would not be enough. He wanted to go bigger. So I spent the next few days trying to figure out how to get 50,000. Then I needed to figure out how to get 50,000 into Bitcoin.

    Well, I was able to do one thing. Borrow it from a lending service. Two days later I had 50,000 in my bank account. Although it was incredible frustrating, it took about 3 days to purchase that amount of bitcoin. Locked and loaded contacted customer service and uploaded the amount into the app.

    Two days later, we are only making a little bit of money at a time. All of a sudden we start to earn huge chunks. To my surprise, the 50,000 in the app is now 350,000. The celebration lasted a few minutes. I have some really sweet messages talking about how this is really life changing money. Then the news came from customer service that I had to do a few things before my withdraw. I needed to pay a tax. Fuck.

    The tax was 60,000. HA.

    I call up my friend and...crickets.

    I go to talk to customer service. My account is now frozen.

    In a span of hours I felt happier than I ever thought I could and completely lost.

    I have filed a police report and have enough of a head start to try and catch the bastard, however, I was told by the police that not much can be done in situations like this. Now I am looking at payments of $1500 for the next 60 months to pay back these loans.

    The pressure to watch P and edge for hours to numb to pain is so tempting. I want to just forget it all and go back to my original videos that make me feel so much pleasure. But I know that will really make a bad situation even worse.

    This sucks.
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    Things like that can happen to anyone unfortunately. Never think you're immune!

    Let's keep rebooting.
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    Are there any fraud agencies that you can contact? Or can you request support from your bank by informing them you've been scammed?
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    Thanks, @axebattler and @forlorn

    I have reported this to the police. Luckily I have resisted any P. It has been hard thought.
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