I have a big problem,Please hear me

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  1. demianR

    demianR Member

    Hi folks,
    I started a reboot on and off for a full month here and there,
    I tried to test myself with a masseur that include hand job,sorry for the trigger.
    The problem is i did turn on and ejaculate but my ererction wasnt full at all,even not semi.
    This is the second time that this kinda thing occurred to me.
    Note that in my home i ejaculate with a fully erection but if it someone else hand i did not achieve fully erection.
    Furthermore,I dont remember this kind of thing happend to me in the past.

    So what happened to me in your opinion?am i cured?cause i can turn on by a girl,i can feel it but it seem that the correlation between my head and my body are asynchronous

    Thank you for your help!!!
  2. demianR

    demianR Member

    Just to add that i do regular jelq exercise for fun,can it cause this sort of a problem?
    Is this what hou guys call hard flaccid?
  3. Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi [url=http://pmo-tracker.appspot.com/?u=60434948879

    Try to avoid any kind of sexual stimulation,like massages,masturbation,porn or substitutes.You need time for resting your brain and to recover.
    Search on the forum the post about PC muscles and hard flaccid.I read that maybe jelquing is not helpful.
  4. demianR

    demianR Member

    Hi mate,
    First thanks for listening to me,
    So basically you think that my problem(ejaculate without bring hard) will be solved itself?
    Cause i can get arouse its just my penis dont get fully hard when i ejaculate (only semi,even less).
    I dont want to go straight to viagra because last year i succed to get fully hard and also when i touch myself at home i can go full ,just not with other person i cum before it go hard.
    I am in the reboot -hard mode 1 and half month,but i have been done that on and off just not straight 90 days.

  5. Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi [url=http://pmo-tracker.appspot.com/?u=60434948879

    I can't say what is perfect for you,but in my worst period I PMOed with soft penis,I didnt have erection even with the hardest porn...now I can have sex,even if I'm not rock hard.
    You can beat this problem,but you have to work on it and avoid bad things.Take your time to recover and to gain the right mindset: porn is not an option,porn is not your goal in life.
    The problem will be solved itself,but you have to put yourself in the proper situation.And read about the pc muscles,maybe is a problem also for you.

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