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    Some of you may know me, have read my posts here and there, but most of you don't. I was mostly a lurker in this forum, I read other stories, tried to relate them to mine, tried to find useful tips, tried to find the slightest hope somewhere. Now I am 25 years old. About two years after my no PMO journey began ( 6 March 2016, i was 23), I can safely declare that I am almost free of porn, masturbation, flatlines, and -on top of everything- PIED.

    Nowadays i can have sex with two condoms, without erection boosting medication, sometimes multiple times a day. I went from not having erections at all, afraid of sex, afraid of my girlfriends to having amazing time and enjoying a great sex life. And things keep improving, I expect more improvements to take part during the next years probaply. Rebooting and rewiring are a marathon, not an 100 metre race, be patient, abstain and REWIRE, REWIRE, REWIRE.

    In the begining of my reboot I would fall deeply in flatline after an O. Now I don't. I still get negative effects after an O sometimes. My face gets irritated, sometimes a get itchy eyes (sometimes I have to use eye drops), sometimes I become sleepy. All these might get better, but I might as well suffer from a light form of POIS, who knows, time will tell. ED medications, especially kamagra where useful. They helped me lose my virginity and overcome my anxiety. I can have sex without them now, but occasionally it's not a bad idea to use them.

    Huge changes took part in my life during the last two years:
    1. Found a great girlfriend who stood by me throughout all the difficulties.
    2. Graduated from medschool, and now I work as a doctor, I earn my own money, I help people, and I am planning to move to UK for higher training.
    3. I got my driving licence and bought a new car with my own money.
    4. I served in my country's army last year as a doctor, which was a great experience and gives me great pride.
    5. I learned tons of new things and got new skills, made new friends, visited 5 European countries alltogether.
    6. I overcame my shyness, my acne, became more hairy with a deeper, more masculine voice.

    I will post more about my experience and I will answer to any questions you might have when i find the time. I don't log often into yourbrainrebalanced during the last months, feels like I don't need it anymore.

    Special thanks to many people, whose posts where so helpful and gave me strength. Gabe Deem, The underdog, Charlie Marcotte, 40New30, dualwield, Recovered, A New Man, RebornAgain, many guys from RebootNation, many other guys I their names I don't remember, please excuse me, unknown heroes against the pandemic of porn and masturbation. You might not know me, but I owe you more than you know.

    I am sure things will get even better. Life without PMO can only become better. I will try to update often. Cheers!
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    Great post! Proper success story right here.

    Thanks so much for posting.
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    Cute! Thanks!
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    That is great man !!
    Can you tell us about your approach
    How long your reboot was ?
    When did you start rewiring and how ?
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    Alright guys, during the last months my improvement was significant in many areas of my life. In terms of sexual functioning, I completely ditched Kamagra since last the first days of 2018, I do not use any erection boosting medication whatsoever. I think that during the last 12 months I had about one or two failures, which were due to already having sex the same day once or twice. I had sex about 10-15 times per month, I didn't live close to my GF so we weren't able to meet every day, but when we met we used to have sex every day. Sometimes I struggled with PE, especially when it was our first sex session after some days. But overall I can say that my performance was improving. I never flatlined during this year!

    Sexual perfomance was not a problem anymore so I focused in other areas. Unfortunately I got complacent and I relapsed about 5-6 times. I don't think these relapses set me that back, I was able to get back on wagon easily.

    I broke up with this girl about 2 weeks ago. It was a mutual decision I will move from the place I live in. No hard feelings at all. Now I will try to abstain from sexual activity at all for 2-3 months. I wish that this dry spell will spead up my recovery even more. When I engage in sexual happenings again I will propably use some Kamagra in order to make a great impression and defeat any possible perfomance anxiety we always have when having sex with a new girl. I am curious how my body will react then but I am confident that I will succeed.

    Furthermore, I did well in my first year working as a doctor. Now I have to move out of my place for further training, in order to become a specialist.
    I was much more comfortable as a social being, got acquainted to new and interesting people. On the other hand, I have become a couch potatoe during the last months, fact which resulted to gain weight. I will have to fix this.
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    Hey what were you like the time you realised you were a porn addict? Describe me some symptoms pls.

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