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    I finally had a large dose of reality last night. I brought two girls home from a party, who were willing to have a threesome. However, I can't get hard. 20-25 minutes of fooling around passes by, and I still can't get hard. 0%. Finally they make up some excuse and they just fucking leave. The worst part? My libido was so far gone that I only felt mildly upset that they were leaving. I felt like goddamn Todd from Breaking Bad, just no feelings whatsoever.

    I want to be able to have that passion. I want to make love to a woman. I want my dick to actually be able to get hard again. As horrible as that night ended up, it at least opened my eyes. Since last night I've been scouring this site and similar ones, looking for everything I can.

    I've always been a competitive person, and I was an endurance athlete for years, so I'm used to turning things into a competition with myself and pushing through discomfort. That's what I will do with this. Porn has completely ruined my ability to become close with a woman, and I plan on stopping forever. This begins now.

    I know it will be hard. I am very new to this, so I ask that you guys share any tips you may have, as well as maybe a time estimate for how long it should take until my libido is normal. I had been jerking off frequently (almost daily, some days a lot more than once) since around age 15. I am now 20 and I plan to be done forever, but any advice would be helpful. I lift weights 3 days a week (Starting Strength, if anyone's heard of it). I'm also gonna see if I can get my dad to ship my guitar up here, so that in my free time, every time I get the urge to jerk it I'll just play instead.
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    Your experience as an endurance athlete will prove valuable, I have no doubt.

    Here's my tip, the thing that's worked best for me after 17 months of fighting: one day at a time. Forget estimates of how long it's going to take. You're not shooting for 90 days or 150 days or 365 days, you're shooting for no PMO TODAY. Just today. Sound easy? It usually is. Keep putting one day after another, and you'll get to your destination when you get there.

    Best of luck, mate.

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