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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by TheNightfly, Jan 20, 2020.

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    I think I lack a lot in my life but this morning I just feel so empty. I’m married but we have not had sex in maybe 2 years. Even then it was more of a confirmation rather than bringing us closer. I have been no pom for 19 days which is longer for me. I think I have more confidence with women. I drank yesterday watching the playoffs and maybe that doesn’t help. I just am really lonely. I thought being married would prevent me from ever being lonely. I was surely wrong
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    there are a lot of reasons to be hopeful. many things you and her can do collectively and individually.. my marriage had some turn arounds and rebirths and after decades i can say it's way better than EVER.. every day we are born again... i could go into strategies 'tricks' philosophies... i've lived and tried..... but right now i just want to say things can be brighter and if you want more joy and brightness you CAN achive it. btw my marriage was in deep ruts, periods that lasted years at a time.... pretty dark wont go into it now but.... things can change.. in a sense even when things stagnate or fester ( or rather when we allow them to) they are still in a sense changing - that is they are gradually becoming something - albeit not fresher or brighter....all to say change is inevitable but they change that happens is something our ACTIONS have a big part in... lots of strength courage love and imagination are in your power.
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